Sunday, November 14, 2010

Liverpool lost to Stoke after beaten Chelsea last week. Inconsistency is what bothering most of us in out tradings or investments.

To do well in my bowling competition later, I would have mentally prepare for it days ago. It is a mental game. Physically, I have been practising for 10 months now, consistently attending my practice session every Thusday. That is discipline. Then, on Thusday practice session, I played badly(market dropped?) ... with a view of practising my shots, rather than looking for good scores. Good scores should come during actual competition(in an hour time!!).

You see, before I go for a bowling competition, I do not believe in 'wishes' like Good Luck. My wife should know ... I am a practical person, looking into ways to improve my games. Tho I wont deny there are some eelements of LUCK, it is more skills and mental control.

Yup, trading is a MENTAL game, if you see it as a game. We prepare a game-plan, execute it when necessary and expect the best of of it. At times, it could go very wrong. So, we need to critically examine what when wrong and such. It is OK to be wrong ... but it is not OK if we just bury it and try to deny our mistakes. If such, we could never really LEARN from our losses. It is a waste, in my opinion.

If you ask Marc Faber or SN Lock, our two invited speakers yesterday .. I believe they are man enough to admit they do many mistakes too previously. No one is perfect. No system is 100% profit-proof. You cant say that 4-4-2 system is better 4-3-1-1, can you? Or Queens-Gambit is better than Kings-Gambit? Hmm ... Hook-bowler at world-level should be better than spinner BUT in average stage, you cant say hook-bowler is better than spinner, ok? Certainly in longer term, INVESTING could give better returns but you cant say that those using charts to trade is NOT good, right?

These are simple LEARNING to me ... if a trade goes against our plan(which is VERY possible), then we should take it as a lesson. A wise person is a person who will make sure that he will not go to the same path again. If he really needs to, he will be more prepared this time.

I have to go for my game. Sunday is a family-day, so I could only write at night when my kids asleep tonight!

Good Sunday ahead. Dont worry about markets. Enjoy.

12.35 pm : Just came back from the internal bowling competition. It is just a 'small' game to me. But, I do prepare mentally 3 days ago for the game. I could always use LIVERPOOL LOST as an excuse if I lose the game ... or perhaps, saying that I woke up to watch Liverpool's game and slept only a few hours as an excuse. Serious, many of us PREPARING excuses before a test, competitions etc etc ... including trading, just in case we lose.

Yeah, LUCKILY I won. Phew ... I was not in my best.

My scores in single game : 204, 160 and 196.

Not a good score but enough to even leave the second players far behind. Last year champion(this is my first year here) lost and leaft even before prize presentation. Not even shake-hand with me. See about attitudes?

Anyway, with 5 spilts in my games, it is still a good enough score.

My scores in double : 218, 212 and 168.

Well, because it is a double, the balls becoming rounder! Haha. So, I pick up some momentum to cover in first two games playing 200+, and the second placed team trailing far behind. Then, in a more relax mode, I played the 3rd game, again ... enough to win the game.

PLAN PLAN PLAN ... I planned 3 days before the game. I mentally preparing myself this morning before I even start practising a game! In my practice game, I played 197. Not bad too.

Knowing that you are seeded no-1 giving un-necessary prassure, actually. If we could not take it, we might lose out and our plans wont work!!

ANyone playing bowling? Play the game for 3 months, then you could understand a bit about what I m going to write in LENGTH today : Bowling vs Trading (part II). I have written the part I loooong time ago. Hehe.

Many of us also want to AVOID losses and if possible, DO NOT want to be reminded of their losses!! That is not right. We should be looking into our losses more critically so that we know out mistakes and be analytical about our views. It is like post-mortem or soul-searching kinda thing!!

Time for lunch and playing with kids. Yeah, winning is NOT everything in life. Winning a trade is NOT everything in trading. It is just another game, in my favour. I will continue to practise and preparing myself for next year competition, to retain my title? Hmm ...


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