Thursday, November 18, 2010

Learning corner : Mistakes

How an investor handles mistakes is MORE important than how many mistakes she makes, or even how extreme they turn out to be. There are three guidelines to remember when comtemplating inevitable investing mistakes :

1. expect to make mistakes and to live with them

2. mistakes can have a greater or lesser net cost in the long run, depending on what an investor does or fails to do with them

3. make the most of mistakes by turning them into learning experiences, keep detailed, real time records of every transaction from start to finish.

Taken from : Donald Cassidy's book page 54.

9.10 am : KLCI down by 11 points. Correction or Reversal? decide

IJMLand-wa : Doing well.

YTLPower-wb : Doing well.

Many in reds. SELL SELL SELL.

9.15 am : KLCI down by 13 points. I m wearing RED shirts. Hmm ...

Bowling : We should read how our women's single lost the medal it the last game. She needs 208 to get silver, 260 for gold. Playing 208 is not difficult for majority of our national bowlers as they are world-class. But, pressure has its way ... she played 183, and out of medal contention!! Yesterday, our Malaysian boys grabbed the double-men's GOLD medal, merely 20 pins ahead in a very tensed situation. They have played theirs ... and waiting for the Sporeans to play theirs.

Yup, relate that to our tradings, ok? Cant be creative to see the relevance? Hmm ...

Bad calls : Not only I have bad calls on Tenaga but BStead too. BStead at 5.45 now ... oh boy.

JCY : Sudah potong? Yes, sudah cut. I want more of Kinstel.

RM1-stocks : With JCY departure, I only have Kinstel and HuaYang in this category. Kinstel at 0.945 and HuaYang at 0.96 now. Both below RM1.

RM2-stocks : LionInd, Sunway and Kencana are my Rm2-category stocks. All still hanging around RM2. I m considering IGB to be added here but it is crowded.

Note : RM1 and RM2 stocks not in similar sectors. As I like steel-sector at the moment, I have Kinstel at RM1 and LionInd at RM2. And yes, AnnJoo-wb for warrant steel-play.

MahSing : I saw her down more than 2% now. why? She is NOT in my stalk list. So, down down ... I will stalk. I wonder about Icon-city ... hmm ....

10.05 am : So, KLCI recovered but still down 7 points.

WCT-wb : Besides Bursa-co which in reds, WCT-wb has been dropping and drifting lower. I m still waiting for the selling pressure to be over to buy more of it.

TChong-cd : I have cut off this one last week, with a loss of RM500(largest in recent months) only to see it shot back to my purchasing price today! Hmm ... ouch.

Other than that, my warrants are still doing well. I m hoping YTLPower will shoot from here and Kencana and Sunway to move above 2.10.

10.50 pm : DOW up 125 points. BULL is back? Sure?

WahSeong : Back to support at RM2.00 level. Should I consider her as my RM2-stock? RSI at 27.

Bolton : back to 1.04 support level. Nice chart now. RSI 40.


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