Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HSI is closing soon, down 500 points. Wow ... many counters losing 5-10% in one day. HSI at 13,200 ... so, waiting for another 200 points drop. If DOW down again, tmr is a buying for HKSE's babe. Also, we will see some sell-down in KLSE. As I said, brace yoursell if you are still bullish, otherwise ... cut-loss, take profits or clear.

4.20 pm : HSI closed 480 points lower. Time for a nap.

10.50 pm : Done with my first class ... tired. It is indeed more interesting than teaching Maths. haha.

Since my students do not know ANYTHING much about markets, terms and such, I have to explain from the very basic. I hope they understand and will share with me what they have learnt.

Yes, basic FA - looking into PE, ROE/ROI and dividends/cashflows. It is only on the surface. Their homework is huge --- to look into our 30-index-linked counters which one is of lower PE, higher ROE and with positive cashflows. Which stocks giving dividends and which one not?

It is a challenge as we are all non-business students, with science-base.

Yes, I m teaching them to FISH. I m giving them the pond - 30-index linked counter. Name ALL the 30 counters. Then, tell me from the basics about the financial health of the counter.

Those hardworking ones could learn more than me, of coz. In fact, I want them to be better than me!! It is possible as I no longer do much homework on PE, ROE or check on dividends.

Yes, I will be going into P/B, NTA and such next. Imagine a science student learning these from ground zero. I started from there less than 3 years ago, ok? Hmm .... hard-work, obviously.

I m tired ... DOW is flat. KLCI will move hold tmr?


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