Monday, November 01, 2010


The Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) presents you with an opportunity to fast track your career into the capital market via its Graduate Development Programme (GDP).

If you’re interested in the capital market industry, ready to gain real-time experience in a challenging environment by working side-by-side with your brightest peers, then this is your chance.

The GDP is a national development programme that offers you a breadth of experience needed to enhance your personal and career development. Consisting of 2 parts, you will first go through an approximately 6 weeks intensive classroom training, where you’ll learn from the best capital market industry experts. You stand to gain plenty of technical knowledge as well as soft skills needed to boost your confidence and unleash your true potential before you step into your first job. Did we mention – you’ll also get to sit for the Securities Commission Licensing Examinations, which will make you even more attractive to prospective capital market intermediaries!!

After leveraging on what the SIDC has to offer in the classroom, you move on to Part 2 of the programme; this is where you get to work as a trainee in a licensed stockbroking company or investment bank for up to 22 months.

AND….the best part – in addition to giving you all of the above, we pay you too. Throughout your tenure as a GDP participant, you will receive an RM1,500.00 allowance monthly from day 1!

If what we have to offer interests you and you would like to know more, visit our website at and click on the GDP icon. You can also learn more about the SIDC.

3 batches of graduates have participated in the programme and we’re down to our last 2 batches (4th intake – January 2011 and 5th intake - July 2011). So wait no more. Hurry and APPLY now if you want to join other young and vibrant graduates in the 4th intake !!!

Closing date for submission of application for 4th intake is 7/1/2011.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at:

Sharizan Laily

03-6204 8598

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TEH : Wah lau eh ... give free intensive training, still give allowances and also a job!! Those young grads dont grab, wasted leh. Anyway ... is it for ALL MALAYSIANS or selected ones only? In Malaysia, the selected ones are NOT those smart ones. Those non-Malaysiansor not familiar about how Malaysia's education works, need to understand that we DO NOT appreciate if you are smart. If you know some datuk or some big-shot in governments, you are ALREADY in before even you applied. But, if you are a 40-yr old china-man(excuse me, stupid ... I am a MALAYSIAN and proud being one!) like me ... forget it, man.

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