Wednesday, November 03, 2010

DOW up ... might help KLCI today as KLCI needs to stay above that 1,500 psychological level.

Since my 'out-burst' yesterday, there are many responses. As I do have around 30 readers(last count last month), there are more than half 'passive reader'. Yes, when a man having his PMS, better keep quiet. Haha.

Now, today I might want to clarify further. But I m not going to change anyone's view about my blog. Recently there are huge 'new followers' as I have been looking at the counter. I used to registered 300 clicks per day last year but recently I noticed about 700 clicks per day last 3 months ago. Then, in more recent time, it is up to 1k clicks. WOW. What is that for?

I m a loner and prefer to work alone. I DO NOT like the attentions, honestly. I dont mind sharing ... hey, since when I mind? Oh yes, the RM1 TOLL per view! Haha.

You see, many are NEW here and DO NOT know me, how I write ... want I will write and such. If you are, then I will advise that you read my first writings in 2008, then randomly 100 writings in 2009 ...and more recent ones. You will notice a change!! For I m still as hard-working jotting my tradings or ideas in this blog, I DO NOT owe anyone anything. I am NOT responsible on your trades base on reading my blog. And definitely I DO NOT deserved to be cursed for you losses!!

What is a blog to me?

This blog is just a e-space for me to write what is in my mind. It is cramped, congested ... and full with rubbish upstairs. I just need a place for me to rush it out so that I could think clearly. I cant at many times.

This blog is also my 'dairy' ... it is a personal diary, actually. Who I met, what I m doing ans such. I hv tried not to write about other things, but only investement or trading related. But hey, if I want to write about my political views, it is my choice! Do I have the rights to write what I want or am I here to please my readers and write what they want to read??!

This blog is also a place for me to SHARE my learning experiences as those 'old readers' who have been following my writings for 2 years will know my so-called kindness to share and coach newbies. Yes, I am STILL a novice despite many calling me sifu/guru. Some in joking-mood ... that is still OK(I think) but some seriously thought I am a 'kind and generous' guru which could be DANGEROUS. When you trust a novice like me(I am not even in investment or trading line! I m in education line!!), you are taking too much of RISK.

to be continued ... i will want to write what is bothering me and hope ALL my readers will read these lines and could UNDERSTAND that this is MY BLOG.


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