Saturday, November 06, 2010

DOW up a little, crude oil price at USD87 now. With bullish sentiments, what we are buying will determine our profits or are we still losing money in market?

O&G : This is a sector on the move ... and which good counter are lagging? KNM is NOT in my list. I do not want to speculate if it will be taken private and such.

Alam back to support at 1.11 level is nice.

1.35 pm : CNX's traders meeting

DOW support at 11257, hanging man seen. Resistance at 11750, strong one. Way up if the trend continues(I DO THINK IT WILL).


BStead : Goood

Dutaland : Opportunity


AnnJoo : Supported at 20MA- 4R1G .. stochatic bullish crossover. What else shall we ask for?

Kinstel : I like it at RM1 or below level.



: Good chart, buy signal with more upside. Look at 4.80 level. Currently at support.

TopGlove : Moved to 5.77 now, I bought at 5.50. Waiting at 6.00 now.


Equine : More upside seen?

WCT : Supported at 50-MA, 4R1G.

5.35 pm : Just came back from CNX meeting. The above are some stocks we analysed just now. I went up to present for AnnJoo and share some TIPS with members there. Haha. Hmm ... I m 'attracting' attention un-necessary again in CNX but ... beh-tahan when other speak about AnnJoo, my baby now. Hehe. Buying was last week, accumulating ... next week it is keep shooting, I will sell. No question asked. But, if it moving side way, still supported by 20-MA, that is fine to hold. So, we watch and see ... many(25-30 of them there) listened to me when I shared with them how I tracked her and why buy last week. RISK is there as there is no confirmation yet last week. Now ... we shall let the chart do the talking? I talked too much on the stage just now. Haha.

I had a mamak-tiam market chat with some club-members. Someone mentioned that CNX is 'lucky' to have me as a member!! Hmm ... thanks for the teh-tarik and roti-planta, anyway.

Next week will see me selling more of my holdings if market is bullish. We buy when stocks move down, and sell when it shoots, right? Now, someone told me it is a 'waste' that I sold Sunrise at Rm2.40 as UEMLand offering RM2.80. Wow. Now, Rm2.40 is my profit targets and I sold before it was suspended. Hmm ... dont worry, you wont see me 'banging my head'. You see, Rm2.40 is resistance and overbought. I DO NOT like such situations and also I m discipline enough to sell. It is the same as cut-loss. I m just trying to learn to be more discipline and follow my plans!!


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