Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DOW flat, hanging on to 11,200 level.

wow : It is interesting when someone came in here to correct my Mathematical statement. Hehe ... it is interesting to me as I seldom have someone correcting me in my Maths, not even so many Maths lecturers I met. In fact, I do share many of my experiences with my Math-colleagues and many do ask me many Math questions!! Yup, I m considered as good and experienced Math lecturer with deep understanding in my subject.

So, I find it interesting that someone(perhaps young too) trying to correct my PDF and CLT statements last night. Do you think it is possible for me to write a wrong statement? He is partially right that I was in-correct ... haha ... at least someone noticed and understand some statistics. Not bad. But, think again ... is it possible for a person who has been teaching the subject for 20 years to get it wrong? I could identify mistakes by some of my colleagues and even made it clear when I saw some test-papers with mistakes. I just tell my colleague-friends the mistakes. We dont have to show that we are 'good', ok?

It is also interesting when someone could come in to correct my grammatical errors. Haha. I find it weird ... these people came to my blog, being new readers and dont know my so-called 'style of writing' but yet want to comment, jumping into certain biased conclusions of theirs. Haha. Is gramma important? Yes, my gramma is important but ... apa cakap, ini blog Malaysia tulis, campur also can one - what say you about grammar? Hmm ... interesting, isn't?

I find it RUDE to intrude into someone's house without permission. Not even a 'hello' or politely asking for permission to ask questions!! Some will even demand a post, demand an analysis on THEIR stocks, demand to be entertained as if I owe them some of deeds. So, I find it 'sad' to realise that we Malaysians no longer respect TEACHERS. Teachers used to be highly respect in our society. Tho they are lowly paid, they tried to teach.

Yes, I m going to write about EDUCATION. Without education, the person like 'wow' might be smart and with degree/masters but in my view, they are UN-EDUCATED. Education is not how many degrees you obtained, how many 'A's you have scored in your exams. I never accept a RUDE yet brilliant students. I m teaching the so-called cream of young Malaysian students. Some are scholarships students with more than 10As in their SPM. SO WHAT?

So kids are very rich(dollar-sense) but SO WHAT? Sigh.

To explain what education is ... I mean, my view to general public will be more challenging to share a simple RSI or MA. Education includes manners ... human-values. Those education starts from HOME, not school or colleges. Education is not your exams(exams is just a mode to assess our progress) ... education is not even how many students obtain straight A in recent UPSR. That is a very narrow view of education, showing lack of understanding what education is all about. If a 10A SPM student is considered more educated than those with only 2A, then the whole concept of kiasu-ism is in-correct.

Oh boy ... I could write pages about these, but my mind is thinking of MEGB. Haha. I have passion for education(you must be a NEW reader if you dont know that - you need to read why I m still teaching Maths, why am I wanting to be a bowling coach and now why I will want to coach my friends in investment). I derived satisfaction from teaching someone(who want to LEARN) who dont know anything to a certain level where they could improve further.

When I see my students can do the 'Simple Harmonic Motion'(which is not simple!!) confidently, I will be very glad. When I see a weak students struggling in his Maths but he wanted to learn, it is natural for me wanting to teach him(even for free!). That is the teacher-in-me, understand?

I have met arrogant people around,fortunately not many surround me. I could smell bad-human when I speak with them but some camouflaged well(like Dr Julian Lim, my first investment student). I m just a human, of coz ... I do many mistakes along the way but by making mistakes and identifying them, then only I could claim that I m a more exprience person now. Some may be teaching Math for 5-10-20 years, yet they never improve and students still dont understand what he/she leacturing about. They dont like the teacher, they wont enjoy the subject!!

Some will tell me how many years they played bowling but are they an experienced bowler when they dont even dare to compete in competitions, putting their skills(if any) to test? They are afraid to LOSE ... be honest. That explain why I could be a good coach and a good player, myself.

Some will also tell you how many years they are in KLSE ... and looking at you, a novice of less than 3 years, with a skeptical eye. Some will even JUDGE you, jumping into conclusions about you. For example, if you dont know me ... and ask - hey, what counter did you buy yesterday? If I said AirAsia-ci, they might think you are just a gambler/punter(half right there) to take such high risk(as they got badly burnt previously) or even amazed how a three-year-old know what a call-warrant is. They will yell ... I m in market for 10 years, of coz I know better than you do. I makan garam more than you makan nasi. Haha. Hey, why would anyone eat garam? I wonder ...

wow ... if did not even notice that I put your nick in 'beige' colour(dog shit) yesterday and today I put it in green colour, you did not notice MANY finer things in my writing. You are only looking for faults here. My brain works well so far ... thank God for that, ok? Be appreciative ... and move on. If you dont like my writings, you may always dismiss youself. Have you ever wonder WHY you keep coming back? THINK. Thinking needs BRAIN ... and trading needs BRAIN. Brain means not emotion ... not your MA or EMA. Serious. Not even RSI, where many trying to point out that I should not use RSI alone for my trading. At least they are NICE and constructive. But ... seriously, THINK again. Do you think I m stupid that I dont know pdf and CLT, a subject I m teaching for 20+ years?

No point pointing out my Maths error or my bad English, trying to show your Maths is good or your command of English is better than mine. But, if you could point it out(NICELY) why EMA should be used to trade a higher-beta stocks, I will appreciate such a view, ok?

Am I an genius or an idiot? Your choice. This blog is for sharing of my views ... education is sensitive to me. I m passionate as educator. I m NOT your normal Maths teacher la. I teaches characters too. And yes, I do share many songs with my students such as 'secret' by One Republic. You like the song too? :)

Time to go for work.

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