Wednesday, November 24, 2010

KLCI : Reaching 50-MA, it took 15 trading days to move up from 1486 to the new peak, but it too 3 long black candles to move back to the base. Yes, technically, breaking 50-MA, it is a SELL.
DOW down 140 points. I have to wear red shirts later. Many started to see that the rally is over ... after weeks of bullishness, we are back facing the bear ...

Technical Analysis : The failure of technical analysis ... so, for those trading using TA, it broken the support and should have triggered CUT LOSS points yesterday. That could also explain why there is a huge sell-down yesterday. Yes, cut-loss when it reaches our cut-loss point.

But, for fundamentalists and contrarians, yesterday is a buying opportunity. Or perhaps they may wait for another day of sell-down today to grab some of their sound fundamental stocks. And then, HOLD.

I am both - depending on my stocks. Some I will cut it off as I m trading it using TA, some I will gladly collect more. So, we are holding to paper-loss if we have bought into stocks one/two weeks ago and did not cut it off last week.

There are huge differences for those using FA vs TA. To me, TA fails badly for bad FA stocks. But, with the stop-loss point, it should be executed strictly. Otherwise, those KBunai-like stocks many not be able to recover.

Hence, as the sentiment suddenly have changed, we need to decided which to cut-loss(or take smaller profits) and which one we should top-up. Holding on to many counters, I will definitely need to trim down and cut off some holdings. Afterall, we do not have 'endless' bullets to shoot, right? Hmm ...

As I m so used to cut-losses and take-profits, it is just a routine cleaning-up and re-balancing my portfolios. So, i will ... JUST DO IT.

Dont know much

10.00 am : I was having a class ... KLCI in green?? What? It was opened in deep red just now!

YTLPower-cb : I was holding to huge paper-loss yesterday, and still buying at 0.230(from 0.27). Today is a relief day? Crazy market.

YTLpower-wb : Holding to paper-loss to until today 'suddenly' it shoots up today, gaining much now. Oh boy, I was wonder what I was doing buying at 1.32-1.35 yesterday!!

YTLPower : This is the mommy which I want to buy-n-hold.

AnnJoo-wb and WCT-wb : I did not buy more of them as I was buying focusing on YTLPower-wb. I have bought my second stage on them, so waiting for stage three buying to HOLD.

Malton : I was speaking to my 'student' PT yesterday when I shown him KLSE diving yesterday and I was busying queueing. One of them for Malton below 0.72. Then, I shown him the chart WHY I m buying at 0.720 and below. 0.72 is Malton's strong support level, ok? Wanna see the chart? Charts dont lie. Human do.

Evergreen : This is not green .. I bought at a low of 1.38, risk was low ...and now it is below 1.38. Interesting ... no, I m not clearing her.

Sell when it is hot

I like my pisang-goreng when it is hot. Just out of oven/kuali. Tho many will advise me not to take these delicious pisang-goreng especially it is still so hot, I will 'refuse' to listen. It is just tempting!! So, if you are going to sell pisang-goreng, you need to make sure that there will be customers in next one minute. Otherwise, once it is too cold, it wont be nice!! Sell when it is hot!!

Each time when I buy pisang-goreng(seldom now as I hv to be cautious about my health! haha), I will ask the makcik " Masih panas ka?". She cant lie, right? So, I will have it when it is hot!!

Now, when do we sell our stocks/holding? Yes, can you see that even when I m enjoying my pisang-goreng, I could relate it to my stock-markets? And could easily use it as an example?

Market is like ... errm ... lives to me. I oculd relate it to driving a car, to teaching or of coz, when I go to wet market with my wife. Haha. If you could see such, then you could enjoy writing about market like me. I might as well turn to be a writer! Hehe. Some suggested that, actually. I m considering it ... one day.

12.15 pm : KLCI up 2 points. Koreans decided not to go to war yet?

I will have classes after lunch till 7pm. So, wont be free till 8 pm. By the time I m home, market closed, checking on my queues and such, time for bed. Yes, I think I work a little too hard?

10.50 pm : I m just home ... from classes, dinner and some shopping. Tired.

I want to write about my buying this mornng into BStead at 5.20-5.30 ... and I sms-ed a friend and also a CNX member. Many CNX memebers are following my blog which I HOPE they wont buy into what I m buying! This morning I thought it will form a hammer but it formed BULLISH engulfing. So, many coming in to buy BStead in next two days will see me trimming my positions for profits.

I want to write about steel-sector, using LionInd as example on why I m buying more at 1.80 level. Also, will share with my students how to compare peers in similar sector. That will be for Friday's class - sectors!!

I want to write ab out SIME ... yes, that giant.

But, I m too tired with more classes tmr and a dinner with a reader tmr.

Tired. Night.

11.25 pm : counter 275, 555. nice number.


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Anonymous said...

Good comment. Gives views on both FA and TA. Cut loss (or take smaller profits) and fight another day.