Saturday, November 27, 2010

UEMLand : diving alert. RSI at 39. Wait for Rm2, then I will welcome her as my RM2 stock.

GenM : At 3.27, queueing at 3.23 will be a good entry point. RSI at 32.

DOW down 100 points. Black Friday?

I have just done an 3 hours crash-course with my 6 students - slowly asking them to create a data-base to track 30 index-linked counters. Divided into sectors, they have to go to individual companies websites to download the AR and compile the values of EPS, ROE and DY for past 5 years, if possible. These data will be used to discuss further (pro and cons) in order to understand what these data giving us. Being a science-based persons, it could be very challenging. Then, at the end of the day ... how do we use these day to BUY into next counter?

I m tired ... need to sleep as I will have another VERY long day ... classes from 8 am till 4pm!! zzzz....


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