Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Alam : I m stalking her(I have liken her since 2 years ago!) as it is retracing to its support now. Someone mentioned Dialog. Yes, I do like Dialog too but if I hv to choose between two, I will take Alam. Alam = Earth ... Dialog = Dialogue? No, I wont touch Petra. Petra is just a blogger, lots of problems la.

AEON : Add into my 4-A list, the fifth A - AEON. Thx to William that we can share this beautiful chart - at strong support RM5.50, a good counter for investor who like an entry to Jusco. There is a Jusco sales now. Do go shopping this weekend there, ok?

AnnJoo : Resting at 20-MA, indicators still point downwards and entry at this moment could be risky but a possible of rebound seen.

DOW came down after a strong opening. UNG down 5%. NEP down almost 5% too.

Sunrise is still rising with Tenaga losing its energy

To new readers

It is my blog, I will write what I want to write. I will analyse what I want to analyse. I m independent. IF you have any ill-feelings reading my lines, fuck off. So, to be a little polite ... could you please get lost? In a better manner, sir/maam ... this writings are only for 18+, could you please excuse yourself and re-frain from reading my blog if it offended you in any ways? Thanks.

9.50 am : KLCI down a little.

There will be no write-up today. I do not wish to paint my pages with vulgurous words. Just excuse me. And dont be an idiot, you can ALWAYS do not read my blog, ok? I m trying to entertain here but if it is NOT to your taste, click CLOSE, retard.

6.30 pm : KLCI down 3 points. AMMB down due to profit taking, as expected.

I m having my PMS, ya. Not in mood to joke, either. Hmm ...

I m ok ... it is not my readers. It is the voice in my head(once a month thing, ok?) that asking me to answer those e-mail and some sms I ignored. The SMS is for those you know anyone taking A-level and want Maths tuition, ok? The e-mail is for my potential 'clients' to request me to analyse the chart of the stock they are looking at. And added my opinions.

So, I m sorry that I have to ignore those SMS asking me about my opinions on a stock, ok? I wont reply. Also, sorry that I will have to ignore those e-mail asking opinions about a particular stock and analysing this stock or that stock in my blog. I WONT REPLY.

Please understand that I m VERY BUSY .. I m over-working now. If you want me to analyse a chart for you, it take my TIME. TIME = MONEY to me. Sorry, ok?

Yes, recently I hv 'entertained' 4 readers to analyse the charts of their choice. Except for my 1st 'client', Mr NJ which I gave him the 'fishes', others given me the fish and asked me to cook for them. I dont know if it is to their taste!! I m a cook-trainee.



Main-Main saham said...

haha, janganlah marah pagi2 ni Sifu :-)

Imoogi said...

Cool down. I have been reading your blog and didnt find anything offensive but am surprised some people do. Guess he/she must have bitten by the market and starts to criticize what your wrote.
Like you said, what you write is your business....dont like dont read it but some people just dont understand this. down men....the bull market is here for us to reap the dont bother them.

Anonymous said...


Dont get upset with people who pass silly remarks. It is YOUR blog, and YOU are at FULL liberty to write what is on your mind.

Keep up the good works !

Imoogi said...

Hello Teh, looks like the bad comment on your blogs comes from samgang. Even nexttrade blog being attacked. This sam guy is really pain in the neck...only hv bird brains that's why.

Williamchin2000 said...

I have been following your blog for sometime. It is more or less your personal trading journal. Not for others to comment or for request.

Please don't let other people's comment affect you. If you are upset, they win already. So let their negative comment roll off our back. After all we are here to make money.

If you do have time, I will definitely would like to buy you a meal or tea.

As for myself, I have been stalking Aeon. RSI is oversold, below 50d MA and it seem to have bottom out with doji today. Please do not misunderstand that I am asking for comment. Just sharing my thought.

CP said...

hi ya, dont call me sifu la. PMS saja, ok?

Hi Imoogi, thx. I m OK. I dont think so it is fair to say it is from whoever. I dont care, actually. But I do have those who dont understand what a blog is or as if I owe them anything! Haha.

Thx, William. AEON is indeed at strong support of 5.50. It is in my list and I wrote about it last month when I went to JayaJusco, fully packed!! In fact, oversold and VERY nice now. Will write about her tmr! thx. Oh yes, thanks in advance for the meal. I do hv many meals, teh tarik and D&C. Haha.

ok, happy trading everyone. THX.


alantanblog said...

Just ignore those negative voice.

You are doing good on your blog & do keep it up