Monday, November 22, 2010

Classes start back to normal after students having their AS exams for past 1.5 months. So, I will be very busy with classes again ... and with more charts to analyse, I would have no time to blog much.

So, my trading strategy will have to be adjusted and no short day-trading too. When you cant monitor, you need to go for those technically nice charts to buy and hold for 2-4 weeks time. That kinda play will reduce our RISK.

RISK : We reduce risk by increasing our knowledge, by diversifying and by placing a longer time frame. I will be sharing with my 'students'(need to find a name for them) more on these this Friday.

REWARD : I asked them to look for a good 10% in a year(per annum). That is good for them as money in FD yields only 3%.

7.40 am : counter showing 272,277. Another nice number.

9.10 am : Nice move by TWSCorp this morning.

SPSetia-wb: Welcome back, babe.

YTLPower-cb : Sold at 0.30, buying back at 0.265-0.27 current level. Nice?

Kencana-cc : Sold and cleared at 0.285, as planned. Kencana's RSI at 70+ now. Thanks.

E&O : Welcome back, babe.

YTLPower-wb : Grabbed at 1.42 as it is moving lower. Queueing at 1.41, 1.40.

12.10 pm : KLCI is flat - I m wearing Yellow today, indicating that I feel market wont move up/down much. Turnover kinda low today.

YTLPower-wb : Grabbed more at 1.42. I m collecting at 1.40 level now. Using HA(hope analysis), it will shoot up to 1.50 ... sell. Anyway, it is a very good warrant to hold.

4.15 pm : Just done with 2 hours class, running off for another 2 hours.

YTLpower-cb and YTLPower-wb : All my queues done so far as it dives!! Even my cb done at 0.250 now. Do understand that when I sold it at 0.30, I DO NOT expect it to dive to 0.25 now, ok? This is a call warrant, very risky.

Note : I said I have three RM2 stocks last week - Sunway ran off Rm2, and today Kencana broker my 2.10 for me to SELL. Yes, I went for Sunway-wc at below 0.90 and Kencana-cc at 0.25-0.255. It might move higher later ... I dont know. Target achieved. Anyway, I m left with LionInd which is a stock. You see, even my three RM2-stocks divided into 3 categories - stock, warrants and call-warrants. Did ANYONE notice that 2 weeks ago when I 'exposed' my RM2 stocks namely Sunway, Kencana and LionInd?

So, basically my brain works into 'diversifying', not only sectoral-play but into time-frame and 10-20% taking profits play. Sunway-wc achieved in less than one week(after seeing the built-up for a breakout and lucky to be right?), Kencana-cc take 2 weeks plus and LionInd could take much longer it is heavy!!

TIP : Yes, my brain also work in "think in probability' and ALWAYS in such a mode when it comes to lives!! No certainty. Certainly not markets. I got TChong-cd very wrong. Cut Rm500 but today, it could even give me Rm500 profits, instead. That is RM1k difference in a week, ok? So, you see ... at that point of time, YTLPower-cb has higher chances to move up compared to TChong-cd which I been holding for almost a month now(failed to clear at 0.20 as I planned - it touched 0.20, ok?) So, I made a quick TIP check and decided to cut off TChong-cd(which in-the-money CW) and grabbed YTLPower-cb. the NET profits is more important, ok? You wont see me bang my head when TChong-cd shooting up now(due to news) as I have limited bullets. I have calculated and TIP. So, be it. Accept it and move on.

Market is a VERY noisy place. Wait till more retails coming in SOON ... it could be VERY VERY noisy.

Comment on CNX's forum :

stock alert(recent)

date : 22nd - 26 Nov.
date : 15th - 19th nov. No of views - 3947, no of replies - 204.
date : 8th - 12th Nov : 5320 and 389
date : 1st - 5th Nov : 3601 and 213
date : 25th - 29th Oct : 4166 and 205
date : 18th - 22nd Oct : 4368 and 273.

the low tide

6th - 9th Sep : 2640 and 93 only.
24th - 27th May : 1704 and 55 only.
15th - 19th Feb : 1255 and 60

Does these statistics showing you anything? Also need to consider if that particular week was a festive-week.


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