Saturday, November 06, 2010

Call Warrants : Re-visit

TChong : At resistance 5.70, 20-MA. Someone from CNX just now said TChong will move up soon. Really? Oh ... good. I m holding to its cd. This is in-the-money CW and in fact all its CWs in money except the new ce and coming new one in cf. At 0.165 now, touched 0.160 and at support. Breaking this support, I have to cut loss. Oh boy ... failed to take profits when it was at 0.20. So, Nissan not nice, shall we go for Toyota which moving higher now?

AirAsia : Need to take out 2.60, at the moment is a wait. It RSI is at the high, ci supported at 0.42 with upside to 0.470. I have gained well with her from 0.30 level and managed to sell at 0.485, but as GREED came in, I bought back only to cut loss on her. So, waiting ...

Bursa : At 8.50, still waiting for it to break 8.64 level. As the selling pressure was so great in its co, I hv to clear it for a loss. I cleared last week at 0.110, bought at 0.11, 0.115 and 0.120. It is 0.10 now. A decision to take loss is crucial playing with CWs. Premium at 2%, expiry in 3 months time, it is still worth a look when it breaks 8.64.

CIMB : Closed at RM8.32. This chart is taken from my workspace where I m updating them. NJ asked about CIMB last night. So, here is the chart for you, NJ. I started stalked her when it moved down, about a month plus ago. I brought it up in CNX's meeting about the beautiful chart to share with my trainer. It was at RM7.94 level when a hammer was seen. It continues to move lower and rested at RM7.86 and started to reverse!! So, I drew lines ... and projecting upwards for my target. Immediate resistance at RM8.05, and seeing it breaking RM8.05, I grabbed its ci at 0.26-0.265, with premium around 3%. It was discussed too in the next meeting by another trainer. Breaking RM8.18, with my target at RM8.32. Yes, it went to break Rm8.32 for me to SELL my ci at 0.290. That is about 10% profits only, actually. Now, at 0.29, premium now at o%. CIMB went to RM8.38 actually and it was in-the-money. It DID NOT move in tandem with mommy, otherwise I could sell it at 0.32 for larger profits.

CIMB's RSI at 67(wow!!) and resting at support RM8.32 now. With market bullish, I guess it will not move lower but might even go higher from here. I do not like to buy something with high RSI. Bye-bye CIMB for a while.


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