Monday, November 08, 2010

AnnJoo : A good trade

AnnJoo : These writings was sent to my friend when it retraces to RM3 level from 3.35. I said "Buy at 20-MA support, wait for volume to increase, wait for bulllish crossover and even wait for green histograms". Yes, he owes me my J&C, of coz. Haha.

Then, I sent another analysis to NJ, and asked him to look for 10% in 3 months!! Luckily, it is done in less than a week. Yup, its wb moves faster, obviously.

I still remember I done a short presentation on AnnJoo(also wb and ca) during CNX trader's meeting. Oh boy ... many more will be my followers without realising that I m just LUCKY, ok? If you pick 10 stocks, in bullish market, chances that you will get at least one doing extremely well. :)

Look ... I do know many from CNX reading these lines. I m just a learner like most of you who attended the 4-days course(oh yes, I attended 2 days only .. you may read my 28th May post as I wrote my blog during classes! Haha). I will attend my another 2 days course in mid-Dec.

So ... I m a learner, perhaps an advance type. Other than that, please ask our trainers or go to forum to ask many sifus/gurus there, ok? I believe they are very helpful and experts in TA. I m not.

NJ : I have cleared half at 0.775-0.785 just now. It is up to you if you want to take profits too(more than 10% I mentioned to you). Technically, it could break higher(watch 0.79) and I m still holding half to ride on it. Good luck. Thanks.

AnnJoo-wb : RSI at 67, reaching resistance at 0.79. That explains why I m taking profits, ok? Being a person with MANY more in my head, time to slowly shift to a nicer chart stock.

EAH : Sold most of my holding today. Too tired to write about it now.

Supermax : Oh boy ... down again, failed to rebound.

E&O : RSI at 64 now, at 1.23 resistance now. Hold and wait to see if it breaks resistance.

HuaYang : RSI at 56 now, and closed at 1.04, touched 1.06. Wait.

LionInd : Touched 2.13 ... didnt manage to clear and it came down. Closed in red, at 2.05, RSI at 60.

Note : I m clearing all AnnJoo-wb to change to another trade. Watch.

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