Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After cleaning some stray-dog shit in my garden, life moves on ...

五月天 - 志明与春娇

This is a rock-hokkien song. I like this song very much and my wife was playing the song just now. Haha. Yes, I m really a 'rojak' as I do like Linkin Park or One Repubic or many more ... I do like Guang Liang's soft sentimental songs. I do like Hattan's Memburu Rindu(Chasing dreams) or Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. I do like 'old' songs by Alan Tam or Jacky Cheong. Of coz I m a fan of Jay Chao and still like Jeff Chang's songs!! You name it, good songs ... I will like.

So, I dont care if you said FA or TA or whatever indicators are the best, what stocks are the best now. Because I believe we all have our own 'TASTE'. IF KBunai is your cuppa tea, fine with me(but not for SC, who r my friend). The approaches towards a stock are very crucially important. It is like playing musical instruments for a song. You dont use 'er hu' or 'tabla' for this Mayday's song, right?? Understand appropriate approaches for different stocks? Because different stocks have different characteristics!!

10.05 am : Time and Timecom drop almost 15% today. Rumours flowing around ... stock prices kept climbing. It is even discussed in forums and such. Today, reality is back and cruel to those late-comers. I do listen to rumours/noises in daily basis about this stock, that stock. At times, I try it out ... most of the time, I treated it as 'noises'.

Shoe-rally : I noticed that XDL is actively traded, and I grabbed MSports at 0.500 just now. Why MSports? To test out what a friend told me about it. Yes, you need to be a person whom I treated as friend to trust you and you need to be knowledgable(in market sense) for me to take a plunge! Haha. It is a small amount whenever I want to test out something. TEST ... nothing to do with profits or losses. That does not matter to me.

Example : I bought only 1k units of TWSCorp to TEST the descending triangle breakdown. You read me right, descending triangle also can buy - stupid. Period.

4.50 pm : Market is closing, down 5points. Are you bearish now? You see, whatever we bought last week, most of it down by 3-5%. Those too a risk who bought into some call-warrrants are down by 10%. So, it is only logical for us to feel .... down? Bearish?

7.05 pm : Fred Tam's book - page 116 and 117 stating about Manipulated Stocks - Should One Play it? and How to Handle it? Do read, it is interesting. GPlus, Lityan and Latexx given as examples!! Check out the charts!! These are get-rich stocks!! So, you watch KBunai, HWGB, Jotech, Iris and such being in play, ok? These aunties/uncles should read more before even thinking of such get-rich stocks as normally they are the 'last' to move in. Do they know what limit-down means? I wonder ...

read page 129 about UMA, which is a failure from bursa-side to curb manipulations! But, be aware ... many stocks are manipulated and most are speculated stocks. It is a matter of to what extent. Understand such important information could really save our burning pockets. Play with KBunai again? THINK.


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