Thursday, November 25, 2010

9.15 am : KLCI up 7 points. I m wearing LONG sleeves, green. Yes, it is seldom I will wear long sleeves ... but it shows I m bullish about the market after DOW rebounded and Koreans not going into war, afterall.

Malton : I did not give the fish to my client(now becoming a friend, was my reader too). He gave me Malton, with FA and asking my opinions. I m a trader, so ... I rather plan how to trade IF I m going to move into Malton. So, I m tracking Malton for him. Buying in stages. Buying when it is low. Holding power must be there. That will reduce our RISK. Dont talk about profit yet UNTIL it is DONE as planned.

Evergreen : Seeing a little greener today but still below my cost price. I will hold it till it is green again! Hehe. NT, a 'client' of mine sold bought it at 1.38 as me but sold for 6% profits. I m still stucked. Should have consulted her. haha. Another client of mine, a late comer, bought and stucked too. Give it 3 months, ok? This is not for short-trades.

BStead : One of the top gainer yesterday in red today, 10 cents discount.

9.40 am : IJMLand cooling off ... in red now. Hmm ...

Peter(of chat-box) : Malton is not my main trade of the day. When it dived, I grabbed LionInd much more, actually. I m buying a little of Malton to TEST the 0.720 support level holds? To check on my knowledge of BUYING when market 'collapsing'. To also monitor for my client, KN. I said ... I sold it off at 0.735 as I moved into BStead(my babe) instead yesterday morning at 5.20 till 5.30. I need bullets to shoot on the stock I am stalking. I also used bought into Malton to SHOW my 'student'(PT) who were with me. So, I traded LIVE just to show him. Nothing much to do with profits/losses. Real money, real trade LIVE for my student to WATCH. He is not even in market yet!!

KPJ : Breakout today - I sms-ed a client of mine as he wants to buy KPJ on Monday after I see its activity. But, unfortunately he does not have 'bullets' to shoot on her. Sorry.

12.45 pm : KLCI up 8.16 points. My shirt is green. A reader sms me and said he bought in something and will want to wear green tmr! Haha . I m painting the crowd green then. As if it works ... Haha.

Publish a book : I have an author(my reader too!) who will be publishing a financial book next year, busy on his work and asking me to help him to review on his drafts. I have to say I m very busy ... and not qualified too. I am sorry to disappoint you. I m seriously OVER-work and very busy.

My in-laws just flew in to KL and this weekend I will bring them out etc etc. With 3 tuition classes on Sat, I will be too busy to blog this weekend. Do I need to answer to any of my readers? Put it this way, if you are new ... you need to read my previous postings! Yes, from AUG 2008 to current to understand ME and MY writings. I m a joker, so dont take my trades seriously. I could even forgotten about certain trades etc etc. If you ask me when I bought KimLun recently and when I cleared it off, I cant remember. All I do remember is WHY I bought into it, WHY I cleared it that day. WHEN is irrevelent to me.

I always ask --- WHY --- as once my "WHY" answered, then the HOW and WHEN will comes naturally by itself.

Why am I not buying KBunai? Why not? If I m buying, WHY buying into it? These are my questions in my head? Next, with my reasonings/excuses ... When to BUY? More importantly, when to SELL?

Many new readers here are ONLY to check anything to buy to punt. I know that, of coz. I may talk about pisang-goreng and such, to make trading lighter ... doesnt mean I m really selling pisang-goreng, ok? Seriously, this is MY TRADING ADVENTURE.

It is an adventure, a journey on how I started my 'trading life'(from ground ZERO) and my daily encounters with fellow investors, fellow bloggers ... friends that I made along the way. It even included my first student, JL, and how he betrayed me. It is a reflection and a reminder to MYSELF. Read these lines again as I have written about it for TWO YEARS PLUS NOW.

THIS IS MY BLOG. I m only a blogger, who happen to be interested with stocks(incorrect- I m interested with whole idea of investing and trading). The blog is only for ENTERTAINMENT purposes. NONE of the trades here are real. It is only for illustrations and sharing to learn more on how we could invest/trade. It is a platform for those think-alike to share views. I appreciate good constructive pointers. Any other things are viewed as NOISES(empty vessels).

THIS IS "MY TRADING ADVENTURE". Read my disclaimer. Go to my profile to CHECK it out. Iiv written there 2.5 years ago "BEAR WITH ME, I M BULL-SHITTING". So, it will be GOOD if you view it as entertainment purposes rather than a call to buy/sell. Oh yes, can you see my creativity using the word BEAR and BULL. haha. Joker.

I am INDEPENDENT. I do not work with syndicates(haha ... I wish I am. Employ me, please. LOL), I do not work with any broker houses(believe me? haha) and I m not supporting ANY organisations. I support learning and education in markets.

Phew ... again and again ... more and more new readers. Some brainless ones making comments without checking on facts, some just want to get attention and make some noises. Some even pointed how selfish I am(SELL FISH = jual ikan?) hmm ... I had 4 messages in a day saying I m lan-si or arrogant(that was the day I gave loooong lecturing in my blog! PMS!! Haha). etc etc ...

This is really my adventure ... how I started to have some client-based 3 weeks ago and having 6 clients now. I will stop at 10 as I m too busy. How I started my class(finally) coaching some of my young friends about investing(which I planned 2 years ago!).

I have even written about what I am busy about!! I am such an open-book YET somehow I will have new readers jumping into some stupid conclusions about me. Be it, just leave la. Spare me the noises, ok?

I admit I do not reply sms or e-mail. Sorry. SMS needs MONEY(and TIME). Only TWO readers top-up for me last month ... so, I do reply to them, of coz. I do not reply e-mail as I m TOO BUSY. Some nice e-mail, I will just shortly acknowledge with a 'thank'.

If you do not know what I m busy about, then READ my previous posts. DO NOT expect me to give you the link! I cant even remember! Haha.

GLBhd : Breakout today too. oh boy ... I missed again as I want to collect BStead, instead.

YTLPower-cb : Grabbed back more at 0.230, current closing price. I claered some at 0.255 yesterday. What a volatile YTLpower. Unsed to be a stable, nice low beta stock!



Anonymous said...

Do pay me a visit THREE YEARS later, and I will have no problem of sharing with you my knowledge(with a fees!! of coz)


Please lah, no 1 will read ur blog by then........there're many other better blogs giving free advice!!!!!!!

CP said...

LOL .. u make me laugh.