Tuesday, November 09, 2010

9.30 am : KLCI up 3.5 points.

I sms-ed Mr Chow of CNX last night to ask him to look at AZRB chart which I mentioned to him during our teh-tarik session. Hey, I was lucky again!! We analysed the AZRB chart thru phones. Haha. Too bad, we are one date late. It is flying now ...

With RanHill running up the hill, Jaks and Zelan are following. I m inside Muhibah's moving wagon ... zrrroommm ... so dangerous!


Without FA, TA is incomplete. Without EA, newbies will be over-rawed.

10.10 am : Cleared all my EAH, not thinking of bonus share etc etc.

E&O and HuaYang : Taking a rest today or what?

AirAsia : Down another 5cents now, watching MAS too.


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