Friday, November 19, 2010

5.55 am : DOW up 170 points. Hmm ... interesting to see how KLCI re-acts?

Clearing : IJMLand(wa) with RSI 79 and Kencana(cc) with RSI 69. With high RSI, I might want to lock in my profits soon. Whether it is a privitisation or merger for IJMLand, IJMLand-wa is for trading.

Hold : Many more of my stocks in RED with RSI around 40 level. Some reaching a nice level to average down.

Buying in stages : I will always buy smaller portion in stage one, preparing for stage two(up or down). These are for stocks which I want to hold for 1-3 months. Example : BStead. Normally I do not average down call-warrants but that is for short-trading, so cut loss is the best for under-performing call-warrants. So, if I m going to buy BStead for stage two, I will be buying when it is oversold at support. BStead reaching 5.35 for my next collection level.

Indicators : Are more indicators better to help us in our TA? I refused to agree.

Ratios : Are more financial ratios better to help us in our FA? I refused to agree.

Genting : At RM10.00 support, breaking this ... I will like to stalk her at RM9.60. When I say stalk, I will put her in my stalk list, not buying yet. Even if I m buying at RM9.60, I will like to see it at low RSI level. Genting is still in uptrend. The Star recently shows me that its PE at 36(price 10.16). So, even at RM9.60, it is not cheap at all.

Bolton : I mentioned her last night as I found her technically nice to stalk. At 1.04 support.

Sumatec : I added her two days ago when I saw her at 20-MA, closed with a doji. Then, yesterday, it when lower ... breaching 20-MA to touch strong support at 0.30.

I will be stalking these three for LEARNING purposes.

10.05 am : Wow ... bull is running? I cleared my IJMLand-wa at 1.84 done(was cancelling my queues to sell from 1.80 to 1.82 and finally at 1.84, done!!). It touched 1.86.Good trade.

EAH : Bond, this is for you. Yes, you saw that I grabbed at 0.58 days ago and I hv cleared it at 0.63 this morning. EAH touched 0.635, actually. This is my 4th good trades on EAH, ok?

Sunway-wc : This is quite un-expected as I queued to clear it at 0.975 done. It went to breach RM1 today. I told a friend of mine days ago that I m still collecting her at 0.88-0.89(below 0.90 is collect). Very good trades, indeed.

TChong-cd : Wasted ... moving to 0.175 now. Hmm ... without selling(cut loss) her, I wouldnt have bullets to grab YTLPower-cb.

YTLPower-cb : Cleared all at 0.30(nice and lucky!!) and thinking of her again. I collected these on Tuesday and ask one of my client to buy YTLPower-wb. He sold yesterday but it touched 1.57 today. It is at 1.48 now.

AnnJoo-wb : It went down below 0.70, my psychological level to BUY. So, I grabbed it back(sold 0.785 level) at 0.68-0.690.

Tenaga-cp : I do not have bullets for her, she was at 0.125 and I alert a client of mine when Tenaga at RM8.50. RM8.40 is a BUY to me. Tenaga-cp at 0.14 now. Ouch.

AirAsia-ci : AirAsia was a strong buy at 2.25(technically) and I bought into its ci, cleared it at 0.390. nice short trade.

Kencana-cc : Bought at 0.255(Kencana was at RM2, breaching this psychological level), and at 0.285 now. Wait.

Bursa-co : Still in reds - have cut loss half, holding another half. Reducing our losing positions(or just cut it off la) could save some of our bullets to shoot on so many nice ones, once markets in RED.

WCT-wb : My worst warrant I m holding at the moment, bought at high of 0.645(it dived from 0.70 la). Today, below 0.60, I will start to collect again. Funny, mommy WCT still maintain at above support RM3.00, the psychological level I m watching. With mommy maintains, the premiums lowering.

Limitations of bullets when market diving since last Thursday, I was collecting many of my stocks at cheaper prices. We do buy stocks if it is at discount. When do we sell it? As I m a shorter term trader(with my warrants and call-warrants), I will sell it when it shoots up 10-15% or spike up.

Kinstel : Grabbed more yesterday. Today it is green. Good.

HuaYang : Doing nothing as no intention to trade her unless it shoots up.

JCY : Yes, I cleared JCy for small loss yesterday for more of Kinstel. JCY in green today.

KimLun and AZRB : Posted in CNX's forum as they always mention them as they are also in my stalk-list. I just said : STALK ... and I grabbed KimLun. A reader of mine sms-ed and told me that he bought AZRB. I have no comment in ANYONE's buying/selling, ok?

11.50 am : KLCI still up 6.5 points. I wore green-shirt for bowling yesterday and my 'student' PT asked " Tmr market green?" I was wearing red yesterday! haha.

Sumatec : Nice ... :)

IJMLand-wa : In red at 1.74 now, sold 1.84 is good, right?

YTLPower-cb : Sold 0.300 was good, right? At 0.28 now.

Sunway-wc : Still at 0.99, sold too early la.

11.20 pm : Just came back to PICC, Putrajaya!! WOW .. VERY impressive. Where out gov got all the MONEY to build Putrajaya from nothing?? Excuse me!! Pardon me, this is the first time I went to Putrajaya ... will bring my family there for photo-taking tmr. haha. Our dee-jay tonight was Jay-jay of the radio-deejay.

Sunway-wc shot all the way to 1.12, closed at 1.09. Hmm ... I was glad for IJMLand-wa and YTLPower-cb as I sold during the opening when I m expecting traders to rush into market(DOW up 170 points la). So, I gladly sold these two. Then, I went off only to see my Sunway-wc done!! What?? It touched 1.01 at that time and I was queueing to grab back at 0.95(not done). After lunch, it went all the way ... breakout.

Let us see why I will collect below 0.90 and told a 'new' friend of mine. That was like days ago!! So, I do not expect the break out to be soooo soon!! I was LUCKY again!! So, unlucky as I queued too low?? How do I see it will break-out? I dont know ... the queue, the chart, the news, the counter .... perhaps plus lots of LUCK. Now, with RSI so high, I wont touch.

Recently I have spotted few successful break-out ... from my KFC, Siggas, KimLun, AnnJoo-wb ... to Sunway-wc, I will still maintain that I was lucky. Just a learning curve ... progressing well to experience to see 'momentum' building.

Note : Someone in CNX's forum asking at what price should we enter Sunway on Monday? Hmm ... most of them might never learn that we SELL when it shot up!! Wait ... if I didnt buy earlier, how am I going to sell? Then, BUYING this any GOOD counter of your choice SHOULD BE during market DOWN DOWN DOWN for few days. I still DO NOT understand why many like chasing VERY fast cars ... ?! I know it is obvious why they feel that way - we call it GREED. BUt, when markets down for few days, why not buying Sunway? Why SUDDENLY mention about Sunway AFTER it shot up? WHY?/ Playing a break-out, catch-up? Anyone can teach me risk-reward probability, please? Thanks.

TEH : I just need to share with many --- buy low, sell high is better than buy high, sell higher!!

EAH was another good trade for me today. Traded on Sumatec today!! So, I m in my selling spree today, just that my Kencana-cc not done.

Selling spree : Why such an activity for me today? Because I have been waiting for these rebound to happen, and been collecting since last THURSDAY!! Then Friday noon when KLCI lost 25 points ... BUY. Monday it stayed put but on Tueday it went down again! Gosh ... BUY BUY. I think I am almost 90+% in equity. So, today is a SELL.

We all are different, I like to buy during cheap sales as I m a cheap-skate. Haha. I do still buying my shirts during 50-70% mega-sales. Cheap.

Yes, today I m glad as some of my plans work. I need to look into those failures more critically.

I hope I could share some of my 'risky' idea here but it is TOO risky. Many 'dont know-how' investors/traders started to read my blog? Hmm ... un-neccesary attention. Noises to me. If you didnt share, they will say you are selfish and arrogant. If you write here XYZ, they will go and buy it immediately! WOW ... that is risky. Arrghh ...

GM : Welcome back, babe.

Tired of charts. Night.

12.10 am : counter : 271, 111. Nice number.

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