Friday, November 12, 2010

2.45 pm : KLCI down by 14.5 points. WOW ... brake brake ... help, Najib. helppp!! HELP is up today, actually. But SEG rebounds today. Missed the SEG-wa which I stalked for 3 week now. Like that also miss ... too many to monitor as markets diving ... how many points lost yesterday?
KLCI-index-linked : Gamuda and MMCCorp moving lower ... oh boy. Check out the selling of KLK, Genting and Tenaga today. As I m writing now, KLCI down 17.3 points!! BEARISH

Wait ... want to move in now .. DOWN 18.5 points. Is it because I m wearing RED shirt to office today?

In such a situation, those holding on to stocks bought 2 days ago have to make a decision. HOLD or SELL? Or buy more to average down? THINK.

Selling spree : KLCI down 25 points. Annoucement of the arrival of Mr Bear.

I was in BUYING spree moments ago!! Crazy market.

I was online with my 5th client just now actually. And I asked her to BUY anything she like when market dives 25 points!! We buy cheap stocks during sales, ok? I was very busy queueing and queueing. When it dives, we wont know it will rebound, ok??

3.40 pm : I m LUCKY that I m free today. Normally Friday afternoon, I have classes! And market dives after lunch.

Evergreen : Do you like Evergreen and think you have missed the boat in the morning when it touched 1.55? Dont worry, it retraces to 1.45 level for anyone still interested to ride the Evergreen boat.

IJMPlant-wa : Sold 1.20 in the morning, then it dives all the way to 1.05. That is why I will say NOT to play with warrants, ok?

5.15 pm : I m meeting a 'stranger' today - so far he is polite and sound nice. Call the police if you didnt reading anything written tonight, ok? I got VERY busy when market dives.

KLCI at 1499.81, down 13.89 points. Adding two days, we are losing 25 points liao. So, Monday RED again? Limited bullets left when I was shooting at so many diving down, some losing 5-10% at one point. Oh BOY!

The Edge's investment forum

Nov 13, 2010 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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10.50 pm : DOW down again, testing 11,200

I m home safely. Do not call the police!! Haha

I met an investor today ... a REAL investor that I admired!! Yes, I like speaking to these investors and also OPEN to see technical part of the charts!!

You see, I m FA + TA type and used them a lot to test out some of the trading systems I m using. I will NEVER going to share or discuss with ANYONE about the charts of those goreng-stocks.

He is a strong FA person. So, I will write about FA vs TA and also elaborate on FA + TA. Buying a good stock is good. But, it will be better if we could know WHEN to sell. You will never be able to pick stocks at REAL bottom(at times I m just LUCKY, honest) and sell at REAL top. If you could TIP, you will be able to see what I meant.

I m tired now ... thanks again for being a nice person. It is indeed nice meeting you. I m humbled by your knowledge in stock markets ... and yes, we will meet again to seriously look into FA + TA.

Actually, I m too new to even speak about FA. I m definitely NOT qualify to coach anyone TA. But, I m my own way of seeing certain stocks MY WAY, which I m confident of. Building confidence in a trade needs TIME as valuable experiences should be learnt.

If I NEVER buy these or those, I will never be able to test out what is what traded in stock-markets. How about FKLI and such? Yes, I m interested to test it out, yes ... with REAL money.

Today ... as market dives for the second day, my weekend will be VERY busy looking into charts ... which may form nice waterfalls. Also, I need to read more news/rumours on WHY a particular stock dived today? Look at Genting, KLK and Tenaga. All with 'bad' news attached, are these news temporary so that it warrant me to seriously look into them? Then, technically speaking, at what point I could 'catch' them?

Tired ... need a good rest.

Thanks for the BKT, KN. Seriously, I m glad meeting a real investor like you. :)


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