Thursday, November 11, 2010

12.30 am : DOW down 40 points. It might correct another 100 points in these few days to support at 11,200.

counter : 263, 040

6.50 am : DOW up a little. A123 down 15% after another 'bad' reports.

With LionInd and Kinstel's RSI at 64, time to look into it to SELL. AnnJoo look nicer than LionInd for steel play.

Rubber-stocks : Supermax's 'bad' reports pulling many rubber-stocks down. Adventa went lower. Yes, Adventa is in my 'A' group.

A-group : Adventa(32), AEON(73), AirAsia(54), Alam(62), AMMB(57), Annjoo(54), AZRB(69).
Those are the value of RSI as at last night. AirAsia is forming a double-top, broke below 20-MA. Watching 50-MA, I wont take. With AMMB retracing too, I will like it at support RM6.00. AnnJoo retracing to a good point to re-enter. But the most attractive is Adventa. I like waterfalls!!

HWChow : Sir, I wont move in AZRB as it flew off. I dont like anything moving high upless for short contra-play.

E-group : E&O, EAH, ECM, Efficient, ENG, EPMB, Evergreen.

I have cleared my E&O, EAH and Efficient. I like waterfalls, remember? So, Evergreen is most attractive.

S-group : Sapcres, Scomi, SEG, SigGas, SIME, SPSetia, SSteel, SunCity, SunReit, Sunway, Supermax

9.30 am : KLCI down ... expect no post today, everyday here. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. Expect not much so-called tips here. This is a platform to LEARN and SHARE, not tips. TIP = Think In Probability to me.

Muhibah : This is for trading, man. Learning that ... seeing chart and move ahead. Unfortunately, I sold ealier yesterday. Hmm ... dont come in here and demand-this-n-that, and put some comments about FA of Muhibah when you know nothing much about what another persons are doing. That is my advice, ok? You may apologise and treat me D&C and we could be friends! Hehe. If you bought into Muhibah riding the dangerous tide 2 days ago, you will owe me my D&C today, ok? Trading ... not buy and hold, understand? Good.

11.20 am : I m free now till 3pm where I will go for my bowling practice. Competition is this Sunday morning(you may want to watch me bowl. Haha ... but DO NOT ask about stock-markets!!). So, I m more focus in preparing for my games rather than next week trades!!

11.35 am : Oh boy ... KLCI down 12 points. Are you still bullish? Or have you been expecting a dive from here, afterall KLCI is OVERBOUGHT. Is KLCI over-priced?

AirAsia : I m still tracking here after it formed a double top and moving downward now. Heavy selling as AirAsia landed. Reality is back after shooting from Rm1.50 to Rm2.50 and the chase was CRAZY. Run run ... it is going to explode soon.

Two more VERY VERY hot warrants are diving today - KFC-wb and SPSetia-wb. You may want to check its technical health ... when RSI at SO HIGH level, can you still move in? I wont ... as I m an old man now. I rided on Muhibah, one day also tired. No chasing for me, please.

KLCI down 13 points now ... when do you buy a stock? Hmm ... we are different. I like waterfalls ... I like to see markets turn red, if possible in days ... so that I can start to collect those stocks I m stalking at a level I deemed reasonable.

Kencana : Broken RM2 level in bearish market today!

HSPlant : Broken RM3 level, I missed her at Rm2.60 level, actually.

Evergreen : Look like it is re-bounding. I dont know how to explain to my 5th client, NT why I bought it at 1.38 three days ago. Yup, before it even shown a green-histogram. She(first female client la) bought into at 1.38 too yesterday. It is at 1.46 now. Hmm ...

NT : I have asked you to let the chart speaks. I hv given you not one, but 5 reasons/excuses I bought 3 days before the POSSIBLE rebound. Yes, I reserved to be wrong and you took the RISK to believe me to buy into it, ok? Credits to YOU as you 'trusted; me with my 5 excuses. Hmm ... today, you might shake your head?

Tenaga : Broken the support at 8.80 3 days ago. AT RM8.60 now. BUY, HOLD or SELL?

BStead : At 5.70, in red. Watching ...

WahSeong : Going below 2.10 level again ... oh boy.

Porn-movie :

Keeping feet on the ground

When I was having lunch alone just now, it rained heavily. I was thinking of the storms reported in papers and how these BAD whether being used as an excuse for CPO to move higher. Then, I was quick to think of HSPlant and plan to buy!!

Wait a minute ... HSPlant's RSI was at 66 during the weekend when I checked on her and written on my whiteboard --- DO NOT CHASE. Today, it moved away from 2.80 level last week to RM3.00. Wow ...

Sometimes we could be carried away, especially when we dont have plans. I have done that many of times, and most of the time I could only blamed on MYSELF, chasing moving cars.

Yes, I m reminding myself to keep my feet on the ground as I still have many trades to deal with, close them off before I could think of a new one!!

Look at Muhibah which I sold off YESTERDAY. Just one day early, ok? This is part-n-parcel of trading and I believe I do learn something worth from my trades there. If I m frustrated, I might be tempted to MOVE in today, at 1.40 now. That is flying without wings!

Trade-in-offer : I will trade off my 'old' notebook with this Samsung offer. It is still in working condition but 'slow'. My wife and son using it to go online and play some games on it. Perhaps I should upgrade that pc for them as a gift. Samsung paying RM300 for my 'old' notebook. Anyone want my 'old' notebook, paying more than Rm300? I think it still worth RM800, at least. I bought for Rm2,500 3 years ago, ok?

Bursa : testing Rm8.60, waiting to break free .... please free me.

Sunway : Moving above 2.10 now ...

Evergreen : At 1.47, seeing green finally? Hmm ...

AnnJoo-wb : At 0.73 now ... selling at 0.78-0.79 was a right decision for traders?

Alam vs Dialog : C'mon Alam ... you are lagging behind, Dialog is running up. Are you moving yet?

Alam : "Yes, Mr Teh ... I moved from your 1.10-1.12 collection level, right? What else you can ask for from an old man like me"


Warrants : I bought it in the morning - Kencana-cc, Bursa-co, Sunway-wc and IJMPlant-wa. WCT-wb and AnnJoo-wb not doing well today, still in red.

Off for bowling.

11.20 pm : After my bowling games, I was talking over dinner with my two young colleagues who will be my potential 'investment and trading' students. So, I have 5 of them. Enough. Can start class next week!

I m tired ... played badly today, averaging 178. Below 180 is bad to me. I can hardly stand after 9 games.


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