Wednesday, November 10, 2010

12.10 am : DOW at 11,400 level. I m tired with my stock analysis and managed to get my 5th client tonight! Hehe. Yes, as my 'client', you are allowed to ask questions, of coz. You may reject my trading idea too.

7.50 am : DOW down 60 points on profit-taking. HSI down 250 points yesterday. Can KLCI hold? YTLPower shot up yesterday, break-out from BB tight channel.

Hold me now

10.10 am : Thanks YJ. Hehe

The 'E's : Evergreen - No more green with huge selling pressure again today. E&O in red too, testing 1.23 level. Efficient which I recommended to NJ two weeks at 0.180-0.185 to buy(first recommendation) and wait for break out but he chosen HuaYang and AnnJoo-wb(bought 0.68, sold 0.80. wow!) last week, instead. You dont believe me, as NJ, ok? And I was 'coaching' him on how to see Efficient to reach 0.200 soon. He must be impressed now. Dont be, boss. Just lucky, ok?

EAH - still moving lower but I have cleared mine. ECM is worth mentioning ... I told CNX's members during last MONTH meeting to watch out for OSK, TA, ECM and such. I dont think so anyone listening last month as I m still 'inknown' there. Now ... the 'popularity' index increases and more expected from me!!

Shoot ... how do I tell the aunties/uncles members of CNX to buy Sunway at 1.70 two weeks before the break-out to RM2? I WAS LUCKY, ok? That was two months ago.

Shoot ... I voiced out about the broker houses stock last month(and personally looking at Bursa, see?) and now they are having a party?! I WAS LUCKY, ok? That was one month ago.

Shoot ... how do I mentioned Sunrise in the meeting at 2.10-2.15 level was beautiful. Nope, I dont know the news about UEMLand(I wish I knew and wont sell it at 2.40, right?). I WAS LUCKY, ok? That was last month too, I think.

Shoot ... how do I present AnnJoo on last Saturday CNX's meeting, and it shot up on Monday!! Beat me, I WAS LUCKY, ok?

Now, I have to be VERY careful with what I m saying, and I DO NOT FEEL comfortable with that. If I said I WAS LUCKY, these aunties/uncles wont believe me now and expect me to write a stock in my mind, they will BUY. Wow!! Take your own risk, ok?

Now, no matter how I say I m only a novice with LUCK, they wont believe and might even thought I have insider's news!!

Now, if I ask new readers NOT to believe what I m writing here(you need to track back 2 years to know my style! Haha), I dont think so they will listen.

Now, with more from CNX's members get to know me personally, the set back will be "the blind leads the blind" syndrome is spreading. PLEASE REFER FROM OUR TRAINERS as we paid them money(I paid mine too, ok?) to train us to be good trader in markets, technically speaking.

Now, I have a confession - market is BULLISH, any stock you pick will also go up la, ok? But, if you are still struggling what stock to pick, do ask those know-how. I m as unsure as many.

10.30 am : Kinstel is moving ... I m glad that I collected her at RM1 level. RSI was at 62 last night, today will be reaching 68-70 soon.

10.50 am : KLCI flat but at a high of 1527.

AZRB - good trade : This is my forth client, JT, saying thanks for the analysis moments ago. It makes my day!! . He asked me if AZRB can buy to average down his holding or not? It was at 1.02-1.03 supported at 20-MA. So, I said ... the risk is there but can average down at 1.02-1.03 if the support holds. That was last week. Then, I went to the CNX's meeting and asked HW to look into AZRB. Getting some positive feedback, I m more confident it could hold. He really bought at 1.03( I was not aware of my client's trades as I DO NOT take responsibilities on their profits/losses). Wow ... he sold at 1.20 yesterday. I dont even know but just sent him an e-mail to say take profits when it shoots up more than 10-15% per day.AZRB has shown such spikes historically. I do not claim credit for the trade. He took the RISK to buy at 1.03 and listened to my profit-taking pointers. Congrats, Mr JT. I will look into your second counter soon. Thanks.

I m glad ... first was KimLun, then AnnJoo-wb and now AZRB done. Three analysis done so far. Others for me to track for them.

11.30 am : Time to get busy again ... running here and there. I said I dont want to write, but each time when I m 'free', I will want to pen a few things in my mind. It is my e-dairy. haha.

Supermax : Failed badly, as moving to 4.20 level now after a 'disappointing' results. SC, you still owe me my D&C, ok? Asking a good friend to buy Supermax at RM4 and to sell at the 'peak' RM4.80 is difficult call. Because she is your friend and you will be meeting her once a while!! Unlike my clients, they dont like ... they dont e-mail me anymore or bother to ask for my 'service'. That is fine with me. But ... a good friend? Oh boy, I m glad I was LUCKY to ask her to average down her RM5 Supermax at Rm4, and to sell at RM4.80 for profits!! What a roller-coaster!! Now, will Supermax moves back to RM4 level? We watch ... ok? A good learner is a person who listen to watch and learn WITHOUT biased views.

AnnJoo-wb : It is at 0.735 today, NJ took profits at 0.80, higher than me!! I told him take profits around 0.78-0.79 as it is resistance and going into overbought. Anyone want a cheaper AnnJoo-wb today? Yes, I do have a grabbing back thoughts but I will still be waiting. To be fair to my client like NJ(which have paid me 4 times to have 4 analysis!!), I wont disclose his buyings and what strategies I have planned for him. Fair? I m learning to protect my clients' interests! haha.

TanChong : This is one bad trade for me as I cut loss(about RM500, ok?) yesterday. It is at 5.35 now. I will post this failure chart during weekend if I m free.

Bowling competition : This Sunday morning, I will have internal bowling competition at Sunway Pyramid. I need to be psychologically prepare these few days. So, less posts here too.

Waffet Buffet (taken from Pauline's blog) : Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can't buy what is popular and do well.”

2.50 pm : I m supposed to be at the lelong-house place by 3pm but last minute they pulled out AGAIN. This happened last week too. Sigh

JCY : Welcome back to me, babe. It is joining my RM1 dollar club, together with Kinstel and HuaYang. I want to see who reaches Rm1.10 for my 10% profit first. Who is your pick?

Perisai : Flying after lunch ... the sheild.

Jerneh : This is my third client, ML's counter. He bought below RM3 and moving today to 3.25 now. Jerneh also has a tendency to spike. Will update him tonight.

Muhibah : Cleared as RSI too high for comfort. Excuse me, ANON ... this is trading. What is talking about FA? Look at the YESTERDAY's chart ... it jumped up now, sell la. Contra-trade also look into FA? By the time I read those FA and news, it flew off, ok?

LionInd : Back to 2.12, I m watching 2.13 level. Wont sell till my next resistance or overbought level. Wait.

E&O : Testing 1.23, no patience and too many to monitor. So, cleared for profits. Bye-bye. I will still watch to see if it breaks 1.23 with high volume. Watch.

Anon : Why a short posting today?

Why Muhibah is good?? Dont seem to be a FA sound stock..

Expect no post today

Someone put a comment, asking why there is such a short post yesterday. Normally I will ignore such a 'demand' and wont post the comment but recently I do have these 'irritating' readers. If you are RUDE to me and THINK that I owe you a post or good write-up, I do not.

If you need to ask, ask POLITELY. If you think you enjoy reading my blog, says THANK. It is free here ... I was very busy yesterday, ok?

I have told my readers two weeks ago that I m starting to analyse some stocks technically for some of my clients. So, I do need to answers their questions and look into their interest, ok? At least I m paid and they are nice/polite to me. I m sharing to learn too, ok?

Yesterday, I have to do some paper-work too ... do you know that I have a full-time job and earn NOTHING so far from writing this blog? Expect less and less writing from here, then.

Yesterday I have to do some banking as I m going to buy an auction-house today!! Expect no writing today!

Today I have classes and also a tuition class. Expect that I will be tired and wont be able to be creative to entertain here today.

I have 5 clients now ... their interests come first. Expect that I will have to abandon this blog for a while.

Currently I am holding to 10 counters, some for short ride(like Muhibah), expect that I have to monitor all my counters later and wont be able to write.

I was talking to WK, a potential 'student' I m going to coach soon(next week). I spent one hour guiding him what books to BUY for initial stage before attending my class. So, I could not write from 4pm to 5 pm.

Today is my wife birthday!! Expect that I will spend time with her tonight and no post tonight.

I also will bring my kids to playground or swimming pool each time I m home. Expect that my kids are my priority ... not this blog.

Now, this blog is free and personal. I will write what I want, when I wanted to and what-ever I think I want to share. If I dont ... too bad. Accept that I have no obligations to write!! Unless I am paid USD38 per reader as someone suggested to me. Hmm ... good idea, actually. But I wont.

Since you seemed to demand me to write, expect NO POST today.

Happy trading.

and Happy Birthday to my beloved wife. You are a big girl now! Hehe


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YJ said...

I guess some people just do not have any manners whatsoever. They can be so demanding and indifferent about the feelings and commitments of others.

Anyway, just wanna wish you good luck at your auction. Hope you had better luck than me at the auction I attended last month.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mrs Teh!