Monday, November 08, 2010

12.35 am : Liverpool is leading by a goal scored by Torres in the 10th minute.

EAH : Bond, I will write about my EAH trade once I sold ALL my holdings soon. I have written about it three times, and if I m free to write about it, I wont mind sharing. It is NOT purely technical, of coz. I never trade anything purely on technical so far as I m too NEW and in novice level when it comes to technical analysis. Wait.

I do watch quite a handful stocks to BUY as I m clearing some of my overbought stocks next week. Alam and Kinstel in mind too. WCT, Supermax, BStead, BRDB and many more are technically nice. As market is in bullish sentiments, it is easier to sell for 10% profits, change to another counter for the next 10% in a week??!

12.45 am : Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 going into half time at Anfield. What a surprise score!! Arsenal lost to NewCastle. What an upset day!

1 am : counter 259, 952. Nice number.

1.45 am : Liverpool should win the game ... 85th minute now. Anxious.


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