Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11.20 pm : DOW down again, another 60 points so far. DOW going down this week is expected.

I have just updated 4 of my clients with their counters' charts. Tired.

Muhibah : Cleared today for one day trade, RSI at 79 now. Anyone chasing?

E&O : Cleared too. RSI was at 67, now RSI at 58 with black candle. So, I moved out first. Wait and see.

Kinstel : Closed at 1.02, touched 1.07, actually. RSI at 64, still wait.

HuaYang : RSI at 54, still at 1.03. Nice.

JCY : Closed at 1.03 with RSI at 52. See if it could rebound this time around. wait.

There are so many nice charts and counters to buy at the moment. I have to be selective.



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