Wednesday, November 03, 2010

10.15 am : KLCI up a little.

EAH and SigGas moving today but HuaYang still below RM1. I have cut-loss on BUrsa-co yesterday. Still waiting for TanChong to move but auto is not the current theme.

Genting : Resistance at RM10.60. I seldom speak about her, but recently a person(a reader, I guess) asking if Genting is a buy as target price at RM14+. I dont know about the TP as I no longer read broker house's report to look into the TP. I will only read for latest developments ina particular company that I stalk. Genting is one of the stock I m watching as it is many aunties/uncles fav stock too. Kids or family will like to go Genting too. So, Genting now moving abroad .. with sister in Spore opened and doing well, will Genting benefit? Dont worry about cash ... our brother Resorts can provide that. Just sell those losing money operations to our brother. Thats what brother is for, ok? Anyway, technically, Genting breaking RM10.60, I will see that is possible(provided market sentiments are still positive and strong).

There you are, Mr WHT. Just a brief technical view. I dont know about TP etc etc. I m only looking into its chart technically. It is NOT a buy call. It is NOT even a call. Get me clear, please.

SPSetia-wb : I really missed this one. My friend bought at 0.42 and recently she told me she have sold it at 0.60. Today it is at RM1.05 now. How far could it go? SPSetia is our leader in property sector, ok?

Jerneh : Technically it might go to support nearing at RM3 now. I never track Jerneh as it is not clear but at the moment, one of my 'client' bought into it as I will update the technical landscape if there is any changes. I do not read much about Jerneh, clear?

Muhibah : One of the stock I m trying to be good with .. moving to RM1.10 level soon.

TWSCorp : Moving lower, at 0.87 now.

This is a bull-market at the moment. With all those giants taking a rest after pulling KLCI to be above 1,500 the second or third liners will be in play. So, logically we wont be asking if Maybank can buy now? I mean, I m a trader ... I wont get my 10% profits from Maybank now, right?

In such a bullish market, I will cut-loss those not moving(and at times, it shot up a day AFTER I sold it!!) to ride on those moving. Sound logical but tell me .. which one to cut, which one to target next? One thing I do know ... I dont feel comfortable when a stock reaching RSI 75 level(like AMMB two days ago) and will sell for profits even tho I might sold it off too early. And collecting those oversold stocks, accumulating while waiting for it to 'recover'. At times, it wont recover ... and if I need bullets to shoot on the next one, I have to cut it off.

1.20 pm : counter showing - 256, 456.

CNX : I do check on its forum in daily basis but seldom post anything much there. It is crowded with many sifus/gurus around. I will only read post by my trainers, and I see them as my guide in my quest of learning TA. Other than that, I do not write what stocks I m looking into. I m too RAW(will be over-raw. Haha) to even post a chart there. Then, many from CNX started to know about my blog - at times, I tried to be kind when a coursemate of mine asking ... hey, you write a blog? Cool ... mind sharing? When people asked nicely to me, I m soften and forgotten that I m actually 'digging my own grave'. I may only given my blog site to few but ... this is cyber/internet world now.

I clicked 'google search' that day ... looking for more information about HuaYang. I saw my site there!! Wow ... since when I write anything about HuaYang except that I m holding to it and has been accumulating it?

So, u see ... I CANT and will not stop anyone to have so-called 'free viewing', afterall it is just a blog!! Oh boy, some people could not even understand what a blog is?

Then, it came to me ... I m one of the culprit. I 'gave' freely my blog site - it may be to a very few but it spreads!!

I will NOT block this blog to make it personal or I will not charge anything as it is supposed to be free sharing of knowledge. C'mon, we have hundreds of news or speculating news out there per week. Are you listening to mine?

I dont even bother to look at the get-rich stocks such as KaramBunai or HWGB. One day, I might list out my stalk list for sharing purposes. See? Am I selfish or arrogant? Hmm ...

What concerns me is that someone bought into the stock I mentioned here(without a plan!!) and get caught into it, stucked and losses some money. IF losing money is painful to you, yes ... my blogger friend, GT said it rightly ... market is NOT for you!! HONEST.

What counter(s) we buy at what level is VERY personal. I m just an open book. But, there is something I DO NOT do .. expose my trades in total. It is simple not possible, either. Do you know how many stocks I m looking into in a week? Hmm ...

Muhibah and E&O interests me today, that doesnt mean I will buy them, right? Teach me ... when should I sell my EAH or SigGas? I have always sell too early. That explains WHY I want to learn candle-stick analysis,right?

I m still using the word LEARN ... that is what I believe I m doing. I m still very hardworking travelling to CNX for trader's club meeting weekly(if I m free, of coz). I do not give excuses not to write anything in my blog. Do I not write anything for a single day this year? Or last year? I was at Taman Negara, no connections but still walked a distance to the nearby hotel hoping to get online!! I paid RM12 per hour, I think. Am I selfish, obsessed or plain STUPID?

Hey, you dont get good things cheap or free, they said. So, as my blog is free ... my advices certainly could not be good, right? THINK again ... reflect on yourselves before you put any of your judgements on me. I m not angry ... I m upset. There are so many type of people out there ... and some dont even know what a blog is or as if I owe them a writing!! Hmm ...

Anyway, I do have many appreciative audience, I guess. Many have offer teh-tarik ... but can I ask for D&C at, please? hehe.

2.50 pm : I saw someone posted Genting having ascending triangle too in CNX's forum! Hey, great brains think a like or what? Then, I checked the time ... about 10 am morning. I viewed the forum during my lunch hour around 1pm just now. So, nope ... I do not re-produced what others have done. I will quote the person, for sure. Nope ... I m not saying he is reading my blog and wrote it there! See? There are so many 'cunning' people with crooked minds around! Haha. Yeap, it is more of a co-incidence, I believe. Hehe By the way, he is a trainer ... certainly wont need to even read my blog, ok?

3.40 pm : Kencana is moving too ... now, in bull run ... whether FA or TA or ... even punting, investors/traders/punters are 'HAPPY'. Then, greed seeps in ... oh boy, do read the above article by one of the column I m following by Mr Ooi KH.



YJ said...

Hi Teh,

D&C at J.Co shouldn't be a problem. But trying to find a time when we both can meet up might not be easy seeing how we are both so busy.. Hahaha..

I admit I sometimes face the same problem as you - when to sell? Like you, I have also sold a stock too early only to see it shooting higher after I sold them. I guess we can't be greedy and must be contented as long as we make some gains already.

CP said...

Hey YJ

sms me and i keep your no. then, one day when we both free, hand-shake and D&C on u. haha.


Yes, never be greedy. I do sell when it reaches my target and/or RSI to high for my likings. Furthermore, i hv MANY in plans waiting to surge up(possibilities la). At times, due to funds tied-up, opportunites lost. That is called opportunities cost to me. Haha