Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday ... to clear GLBhd for TWSCorp. As for plantation, so many are overbought and waiting for correction. As for steel, watching Kinstel. Perhaps I will change Sunrise to more of HuaYang as technically HuaYang chart is very nice now.

Yesterday, the 3 persons ABC ... CDE ... and EFG ... are friends. Notice that their first/last alphabets intersected. So, they are connected - they are friends. The sister FGH ... well, together with EFG intersected twice - so they are more closely connected. So, FGH is the sister of EFG. Did you get it right? If you didnt notice the conversation well, you might miss many 'finer' points about trading ... and of coz, I m so used to listen to these uncles/aunties talking about stock-market. Hehe.

That is how my brain works ... I see relationtion. Touch once, support, touch twice ... strong support and touch a few times, becoming good support. It is just like our 'friends'. Meet once ... hi-n-bye ... meet the second time, spend longer time together, we know we have comfort. And if we meet regularly sharing our feelings, our views ... we have each other as support. Support is being used in technical analysis as it meant to be just THAT ... to support the stock as a certain level.

2.10 pm : It was a mistake to grab GLBhd only to get a shooting star yesterday. So, I hv to clear for small loss. It will retrace to support, then only to consider if I need to grab it back. LionDiv also retracing too, it is only 'logical' as it is overbought. So, plantation and steel will be taking a rest.

Today, SPSetia-wb exploded. I wrote about the channel seen and waited for it to correct for 3 days but it only go down one day. Then, today ... bye-bye SPSetia-wb. By the way, I wonder if my friend SL cleared her SPSetia-wb which she bought at 0.42? Wow .. that is more than double. Congrats. Can I have my free doughnut please? Hehe

Steel : AnnJoo-wb, Kinstel or Leader? I grabbed Jaks today, instead.

TWSCorp : still at base ... wait for support.

SigGas : At 1.02 ... hmm ... interesting now. Wait.

HuaYang : Added at 0.990 this morning done! Wow.

Cimb : At 8.14 now ... nice. My Cimb-ci is moving well. But still low volume, I m waiting for eruption.

TChong and Bursa taking a rest today.

The four "A"s : Alam, AnnJoo, AirAsia and Adventa are down today. These are the 4-As that I m tracking now. All in different sectors.

5.20 pm : KLCI closed at 1499.11, why not exactly 1500? It breached 1500 again today.

I did not write anything much as I was analysing my mistakes(over-trading) in GLBhd and LionDiv which I finally cut. It is obvious as I did not follow what I have planned, actually. Jumping in-n-out of a stock to another is ridiculously random and the chance we need to cut-losses. So, jumping into Jaks today is??

At the moment, I think I have Jaks at average 0.765, that is reaching its resistance at 0.770. Today, it closed lower, so the RISK of BETTING that it will break the resistance is high. Time to exit with a small loss again. See? Few losses in days due to over-trading.

Next, analysing WHY we have such a tendency? You see, I attended CNX to learn TA as TA will take out the emotion part of trading or that is what it supposed to be.

I like my plans on CIMB, Bursa and TanChong. Any others are quite random. I do like Sunrise at this level now. EAH been there and will be there till it moves up. How about HuaYang which supposed to be a short trades? Should I take small profits on it tmr? These are in mind ...

Again, we are all human - when we profitted hugely, we tend to be over-confident. But, if we could quickly check on these 'flaws' in human, we could still look forward to improve in our next trades. I m in learning process ... so, please DO NOT buy into what I m buying, ok? I m testing out the water, actually ... I might get drown?


Coaching my 'young' colleagues to be investors in market will not be easy as they are science-based people like me, without any knowledge about what is market. All we heard of are those BAD impression on markets - how people go bankrupt being in stock-markets(1987 crash comes to mind) and how many punters 'disappeared' licking there wounds. So, I have to remind myself to THINK RISK before profit.

It is not easy to coach others as firstly, they have to trust you. Then, you too have to trust them ... trust that they will do their own researches on counters that they might want to buy. It is difficult. I could not just point out that the fish ABC is nice ... surely in demand. I will always look for 5 good reasons and satisfying certain criteria. These are for investors, not short term contra-players.

What I have not came out is HOW MUCH should I charge them?Well ... I have BAD EXPERIENCES coaching my first 'student' about stock-market, only to be bitten by him. Yeah ... kacang lupakan kulit case. So, I want to place a charge - RM100 per hour? They will be wondering WHY I should charge so 'high'(excuse me, I m charging my students RM100-120 per hour for teaching Maths) ... RM100 per hour is NOT high. Wait till you lose tonnes of money(certainly 10 folds of the fees) when you move into market with zero-knowledge, zero-experience. You will be eaten alive. Hey, if I win some money, someone have to lose, right?

They are my colleagues, my friend. I do NOT want to have anything to do with their money. It is up to them ... I could only 'coach' these novices what is market and how to profit more than a mere FD/Bonds rate by being INVESTOR in KLSE.

RISK will be my first session with them(3 or 4 of them to share RM100 not expensive, right?) as investors should not be in stock-market without know the RISK. By being an investor with longer time frame, of coz the risk is lowered. By diversifying, we could reduce our risk too. But if the time frame is too long or too diversified, our profits will be small, if any.

Example : I could just give a fish named Maxis, buy below RM5.30(it closed RM5.25 today) and wait till RM5.50 ... how many percent is that? Need to minus the trading fees too, ok? Then say .. dont worry, Maxis wont collapse!! haha.

It is better to coach them HOW to fish, and gradually coach them what to look into the fundamental of the stocks. Place your own realistic criteria and decide it yourself.

Some people prefer calm river, some prefer a lake ... others might be more adventurous and going for a fishing trip in to the sea. We are all different in our risk appetite.

I hope I could be a good coach for my 'first' batch of students. I need to forget about my bad experiences with JL. It is just my bad luck to trust him and met a wolf in sheep-skin.

So, for not being taken for a ride(granted), I will make it clear ... RM100/hr of learn how to be an investor in KLSE and do batter than FD 3-4% rate. Sound easy? Not for me ... it is not. It is MONEY ... we dont talk about. It is TABOO ... like sex. I dont understand why .. never mind.

Time to analyse some stocks and dinner time again.


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