Friday, October 01, 2010

Visiting of old flame : JCY

JCY : Trading at RM1 level, considered as a psychological support level. If a stock drifting lower, I will not like to move in yet, as I prefer those diving-stocks. JCT is a wait ... looking at 0.98 and 0.88 level. Please help me to click on the poll(if you have not) -------->

There are many investors actually still looking into JCY as many are stucked since it dropped like a bomb from a war-plane .... ka-boom ... and many have to run ... run for their lives. This is a battle-field. When they decided to attack the tech-stocks, nothing is spared(except for those who bribed the opponents).

Imagine ... world-war II when bombs are dropped. That is how I m seeing it ... some survived and holding on to their dear lives. Some lost their limbs and some still licking their wounds. Will they recover? Some believe it is end of the world - they will all be killed by the ground troops, anyway. WHERE to hide ... how abuot food and clean water?

But, there are few who are strong mentally ... strong enough to believe that they will recover from their wounds, even they lost a leg, they will recover to fight the opponents! YES ... they wont give up and positively motivating themselves to move ahead. They need to fight and free their country again, for the future of their kids.

They cant charge now, they need to plan ... they need to plot a strategy, collecting enough ammunitions and friends(as troops) ... and more importantly they need to be patience. No matter how angry they are, they know that the battle is lost, but not the war.

Those without such a positive attitude could have easily defeated.

As the story continues ... some how we have nice happy ending. Finally, they hard work pays off. Add in the story line, please ...

Ok ok ... we are seriously speaking about JCY? Yes, I do believe JCY(and tech-stocks) will recover. HDD will not be replaced so soon. It is not all gloom. So, those stucked into it is a hold.


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