Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stock Watch

KFC-wb : Down today and seen as more reason for late comers to move in. More upside and patience is needed. If one could put money in FD for 3% in ONE YEAR, buying this one should give me 10% in less than ONE YEAR? I will be collecting this one in larger portion rather than looking into other warrants. This is to buy-n-hold at this level. SELL when it is overbought. So, when it comes down today, be glad.

EAH : Still at 0.550 ... I like to buy those consolidating at oversold region. Good stocks will rebound.

Sunrise : I queued for 2.10(previously 2.09) but not done. I like it at this level and high potential of giving me my 10% upside. So, I think I should just move in at 2.12-2.14 level tmr.

TWSCorp : Closed at 0.905 today. I m collecting it as stochastic in oversold region with bullish crossover seen. Third green histogram seen and will 'history' repeat again for my second 10% profit? Target is 0.98 level. Chart wise, I like it.


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