Friday, October 08, 2010

Trade : Supermax vs WCT-wb

WCT-wb : Bought 0.56, the third day as it is shooting higher, going into overbought region. Sold the next day at 0.59. That is 5% in a day. RISK is high tho my EA telling me that due to the 'hype; of market, buy 0.56 and it will go slightly higher the next day. So, this is more of a punt. Today it closed at 0.575, touched 0.57.

Supermax : Cleared yesterday too at 4.19 and it went to touch 4.27. Today it is retracing to touch 4.11 before manage to close at 4.17. Now this trade is very different from WCT-wb. There are many points I could mention here. This is a DOWNtrend but WCT-wb is on uptrend. This is a stock that is a warrant. This is playing on its rebound with longer time frame. WCT-wb is a 'one-night stand'. Total different chart patterns seen here. SO, diffrent strategies being used. I have cleared Supermax-ca today too. Enough of its up.

Now, Supermax resisted at 20MA now.


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