Thursday, October 14, 2010

Energy in Tenaga

Sunway Pyramid - Bowling Alley

5.05 pm : KLCI breached 1500 today, closed flat at 1497 tho DOW up 100 points. GPacket shot up today, with JCY which shot up.

I m away today ... went to UM-Hospital. At noon, I watched Malaysia won the first mixed-double Commonwealth gold thru Koo&Chin. Then, Chong Wei outclassed the English player while Koo&Tan won their bout too. Women single? I dont know as I m preparing to play 12-games of bowling, training for my competition soon.

UM : Universitty Malaya is fine ... lots of new buildings ... while the library is renovated. PerdanaSiswa is new to me who was there 20 years ago. Many of us are local-grads as I remembered we only have 7 local Universities back in late 80s. UTM and UPM were lousy. UKM and USM are still ok but UM is considered the best local uni. In fact, when I was there, UM was in top 50 in the world ranking. Please check their ranking today! Ha-choo ... lack of commitment in Malaysia's gov for QUALITY ... and all those QUOTA sini QUOTA sana making the quality education in Malaysia PATHETIC. Most of our top-students do not go to local Uni anymore as many do not even want to 'struggle' STPM. I dont understand WHY non-bumis, especially CHINESE will find it VERY much harder to enter local Uni. Excuse me, do you want to know how LOW QUALITY that Uni in Sabah? It is a white-elephant, used as political tool(pancing votes). Ha-chee ... excuse me again ... I cant breathe well speaking about the LOW quality of education all over in Malaysia. Hey, I m in education line for 20 years! I think I know a little about education in Malaysia?

Plus : Suspended pending some announcement. EPF buying Plus? RM4.60? Let us hear from the boys.

8.05 pm : Dinner time after 10 games of bowling. It's tiring as I m no longer fit. Anyway, here is the scores :

214 181 178 210 224 205 193 213 171 and 268 with total 2057. So, average is 205.7, thanks to my last game 268. The perfect game in bowling is 300 points(all strikes). 268 is 6-bagger followed by 2 9-spares and strike home. 268 is also my second highest score in my 12 years playing bowling(highest was 274).



Anonymous said...

Agreed with you on the aunty/uncle part at CN. They ask like to say if "i had buy that i will be rich statement" and always ask about TA on weird weird counters too


takeiteasy said...

of course lah, you think all this lecturers or speakers conduct seminars for free, it is of course to trap these uncles & aunties. All lecturers will say "no guarantee got success", imagine retired senior citizens have to learn new things like TA, FA, LA, GA, KA,... these people already "pung sai boh eng", ha! ha! ha! maybe listening to LADY GAGA lagi bagus....