Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Call-Warrants

CIMB: Closed at 8.02, touched 8.07. I m seeing 8.05 as it immediate resistance. So, chances of breaking 8.05 is there(RSI at undemanding 49 only). If it breaks that, I will see 8.18 for the next resistance. And if the wind is still blowing it higher, we shall see 8.34, which could help to pull KLCI above 1,500 again.

CIMB-ci : Bought on Friday at 0.26-0.265. I was ONE DAY late, as technically I should buy on Thu as CIMB shown 2nd green histogram on Thu. So, the risk-reward is not as good as entry on Thu. Nevertheless, I will be watching CIMB's movement closely(EPF buying) and should take profit once it reaches 0.285. The profit is NOT good, only 10%. So, I see it as lack of quality homework done on this one. Any sign of retracement will see me cut it off to ride on other better CWs in mind. Sit back and watch ...

TChong : I hv written a lengthy post about it on Tuesday. Friday, it rebounded furiously. Still in oversold region, and target at RM6, so no reason to sell but I will watch closely.

TChong-cd : 1st green spotted days ahead before the 5% surge in TChong on Friday. Well supported at 0.165, I started my buying spree at 0.170 to 0.190. As the target for TChong at Rm6.00, target for this one should be around 0.240. That will be my target point. I wrote about this one on WED as I spotted second green in MACD histogram. We shall see how far it could go, ok? My average at 0.175(never a mid-point as I bought heavier at lower price, unfortunately not done at 0.165, its strong support level). It is out of AirAsia flight, landed and driving home in Nissan cab.

p/s : I need to learn to be as focus as catching Plus-cc, AirAsia-ci and now TChong-cd. One good 20-30% trade is better than few in hands. So, I hv cleared Gamuda-cm and Supermax-ca. But, I missed the BIG one - AnnJoo-ca(I written about it 2 weeks ago).


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