Friday, October 01, 2010

Supermax and its call-warrants

Supermax-ca : Closed at 0.125, up 25% from 0.100. In fact its low at 0.095. I bought back into it at 0.105, 0.110, 0.115 and 0.120 just now. My mistake, if I need to put it this way, was selling half at 0.100 the portion I bought at 0.110. That is a 10% loss in days. Anyway, technically ... is it a buy today?? In my opinion, charts and TA could NOT be used to trade call-warrants!! So, we watch her mommy ... and PUNT into it. This used PA = punt analysis and LA = Luck Analysis. Those with lots of EA = Experience Analysis could be in great advantage. I m learning ... PA + LA + EA ... there is no FA in buying call-warrants, ok?

p/s : Yes, it is Supermax-ca, not cc. I said cc as my focus was on my UEMLand-cc and TopGlove-cc. Haha. I double-checked what I bought ... cc or ca? Phew ... it is Supermax-ca. Thanks for the correction, ya.

Supermax : Closed at 4.03, touched 4.05. Today, rubber-stocks all rebounded!! Supermax up 6%. I did not manage to grab more at lower level, so only 1k units done at 3.75. It is PURE luck that I grabbed at intra-day low, ok? So, position is not large. It will move up on Monday or so, time to sell . I have mentioned that it failed to rebound in 3 occasions ... will it fail to rebound and break its downtrend this time? I see that it will fail again ... and the downside risk is higher.


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