Saturday, October 23, 2010

SPSetia-wb : A strong uptrend now from the base at 0.40 to 0.70 level now. Down 2% yesterday, do come down another 2 or 3 days, grab and ride on it.

SL : Have you sold off your SPSetia-wb? You bought at 0.42, good profits ... can belanja me my D&C at Hehe

A study room at home

I m planning to create a study-room at home, in order for me to do my studying on stocks and stock-scanning. It could also be used as a training room which I m planning for next year.

1. Carpetted with air-cond
2. Built-in cabinets for filings and books
3. A pc(desktop) and a notebook with internet connection
4. A printer
5. Two magnetic whiteboards
6. A large table/desk and chair
7. A discussion table with 4 chairs
8. A pin-up board to put those charts
9. Neccessary stationeries

Yes, I m so disorganised. My investment/trading books are everywhere, my files with lots of my charts/data are everywhere ... and I m sitting anywhere to do my work! So, I will try to be more discipline to do my works ... while writing this blog(it is a pleasure not an obligation). I have to spend a little for these but I think it will be worth to 'invest' in some comfort for a betterment of my works.

JCY : Closed at 1.01 yesterday, still drifting lower. Level to watch is 0.96 for me. It will be back to my stalk list once it reaches 0.96 on the down side - on the upside, it needs to break 1.15 to show some signs of revival. At the moment, nothing is there to watch. We might need to wait till year-end to look into its value again. So, I will stand neutral at this point of time.

My scanning stages

Stage 1 of scanning : I will start with 'losers' in RM and %. It is through 'eyes' ... example - I saw KLK and BKawan as biggest loser in term of RM. But they have been shooting for the sky. Then, I shall just click on their charts .. hmm ,... jot it down as both in plantation. Will check more on plantation stocks later. Next I noticed TopGlove Adventa, Kossan ... so, rubber-stocks start correcting and remembering that Supermax still standing, lagging behind to correct ... so, next week most probably for Supermax to come down too. Adventa going below RM2.50 which attracts me ... so, short-list her in my stalk list.

Stage 2 : Next, going sector by sector to scan for 'losers' in RM and %. Due to my 'good' knowledge of many counters(do buy DynaQuest for your reference, ok?) and also reading of broker reports, I could identify which particular 'similar' counters are correcting or retracing.

Stage 3 : Scan through my stalk list(categorised into 8) and look into those counters in my stalk list. Anything interesting ... for example PLUS moved back to RM4.35, with PLUS-cc at 0.23 now. I have cleared it all days ago as I do not understand what is going on there. Another example is SEG-wa which I m looking into. It touched a low yesterday.

These 3 quick stages of scanning itself will take me about half hour or so. Normally if KLCI down more than 5 points(10 points is better ... 20 points is the best!), then this 3 stages will take me much longer with many 'waterfalls' forming. Yup, I like those moving lower or correcting - example CIMB, TanChong, HiapTeck or HuaYang. Currently, I owned them all! Haha.

Stage 4 : Scanning using CN's xpertrader - beginning with RSI-oversold, then MACD crossover and 4R1G. I have also designed my own scanning criteria with editted parameters.

Shortlisting those stocks I like after the 4 stages, I will start to scan through some news from last week The Edge or some biz-news online.

For example : PMetal shot up the sky due to an article from last week's The Edge. It shot on Wed and Thu and profit-taking on Fri. Yes, syndicate decided to goreng it on Wed, luring many to move in on Thu before take profit on Fri. High volumes registered. Then, it might be discussed in CN's meeting ... whether to stalk and looking for flag/pennant to be formed to move in. These are for late comers or some of them get STUCKED(or is it sucked?) inside it due to greediness on THU(excuse me, entering should be on WED morning when it start to move-la) and will ask the trainer ... what is that black candle-stick on Fri means? etc etc ... To buy, it is too late and those bought in wed, should I take profits? Those bought on Thu, should I cut-losses? Many of us in different situations - buy, hold or sell?

1.15 pm : CN's booster class

Trainer : Joseph Chai

Long term : MACD zero-level crossover. Trend UP, MACD above zero line and vise versa.

TEH : For most of the aunties/uncles who DO NOT know anything but insisted to be in market, to earn some money, follow this simple theory. BUY only when market is bullish. IF you have missed the current BULL-run, dont worry ... you are LOOOONG term investor, wait for another market-dive .. perhaps the next 3 years? Mobius said we are in 3-years scular bull, ok?

This trainer, Joseph is quite good. Credit given to him.


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mapsscom said...

As for ur PMetal,is it possible to buy on or after a day after the news
on the Edge.Fundamentally,is it possible to gauge the strength of the news or technically,is it possible to
gauge the strength of the "reading"
and buy before WED.,n sell on
WED.,THU.,or FRI.,on profit taking?.
From my xperience,buy on the day the news is out n sell contra or hold until it rises is
xtremely rewarding.My problem is,
i m only guessing on the fundamental n technical strength.
Is there a fool proof "reading"?