Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stock Watch

Kinsteel : Sideway trading seen at 0.85 level. Forming a BB-squeeze. I bought into it when MACD histogram moving above zero level. Target 8-10%. This is trading using another set of criterias and pointers. It is lagging behind other steel counters such as AnnJoo, SSteel and LionInd. Technically, waiting for BB breakout. Wait and see if my theory is right and I could gain 10% from it? I trade it to LEARN ... profit is a bonus to me!! If my theory is wrong, I will jot it down and to check what's went wrong.

Tenaga : At 8.80 level to me, technically is very nice. Stochastic at oversold level, waiting for first 1G, trading at current support level. Those who like to have some energy could grab Tenaga next week ... This is for conservative traders or those too busy to monitor markets. This is a good choice. Please do not forget to send me my doughnut to thank me for doing this homework for you.

Sunrise : At 2.14, I like 2.09 level. Supported at 20-MA, RSI at 50 level, hooking up again. It touched 2.11 last Friday ... so, a queue at 2.09 and 2.10 may not be done tmr. But, as I hv too many to handle at the moment, I will queue at 2.09. It is like take it or leave it. For others, do consider at 2.14-2.15 level for entry, with target at 2.39-2.40. This an uptrend stock, so the chances of it moving higher is good in a positive sentiment environment.

Noodle Station, SACC Mall, Shah Alam

We are the few Chinese family having dinner in Shah Alam, a quiet Malay town(they called it a city). I have noticed that majority of the residents or those dining here in Shah Alam town are Malays. So, it is logical to make a conclusion that the majority of population are Malay too.

I have always liking Malay food, especially their rendang or those chilly/curry related chicken dishes.

Food aside, I hv wanted to write about investment in GOLD. I m a 'stock' person, so I will go for gold-mining stock. But due to my exposure in KLSE's market and some CW's punts, I need to focus what in hand. I will be more relax to write a more general ideas after these.

Stocks :Efficient, EAH, Kinstel, TAGB, Supermax and SigGas. Only EAH in red, and ready to top-up at 0.550. Supermax to sell soon for short-trade, others need to wait for a jump to sell. Looking to re-enter TWSCorp or look for Sunrise.

CWs :UEMLand-cc, Supermax-ca, CIMB-cj and GenS-c8. Looking to enter any of the CWs I listed yesterday. Otherwise, top-up CIMB-cj which in reds. The others in green, exiting for profits soon.

UEMLand-cc : Exit as overbought

GenS-c8 and Supermax-ca : Top up, trade and wait.

Plan your trades and trade according to your plan, I reminded myself.

Good trade-week ahead.

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