Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stock Watch

CIMB : Our best bank is moving ... see the magic of Najib's invisible hand? He might have called EPF or those funds ... hey bro, jangan malu-kan aku la. U think I care about that? I m more concern if it could reach the target of 8.35 soon. Ride on it?

Fitters : Need to break 0.67, at oversold region, so upside is huge if 0.67 resistance is broken. 4R1G seen today.

SEG-wa : Mommy shown 1G today, baby still sleeping at 1.10 low level. In-money warrant to play with. Satisfy many of my criteria to BUY but I dont have much funds(allocated for warrants) left, so I have to clear YTLPower-wb tmr to grab this one, where the chances of upside is much higher when it rebounds. RSI at 30 level. Nice ... will it rebound or form a descending triangle and break-down instead. That will be my tight cut-loss level, at 1.07. Mommy and HELP poised to rebound SOON.

TanChong : RSI at 40. Increasing volume with price still retracing(we called it divergence, a sign of reversal soon). Wait for a first green, I will be rushing in before the first green formed.


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