Monday, October 25, 2010

Stock Watch

AFG : Another looking for a breakout. I saw this one in CN's forum, someone post it but I analyse it quite differently. I was looking into financial stocks during weekend and interested with her baby. 2nd green seen today, bullish-crossover seen. Uptrend and testing strong resistance to break FREE ... new high. Watching to catch it tmr, if breakout.

GLBhd : Plantation sector in play for past weeks, and today many 'smaller' players are surging ahead. Double-bottom seen and it breaks 0.90 resistance today. Up almost 9%, too fast to chase. I cleared WTK, HiapTeck and cleared some Sunrise today for this one(and many more in plantation). Count me in the party ... lets have oily one. Dont stop the music yet!

SEG-wa : A beautiful hammer formed as I was watching it this morning, touching RM1.01. What a beauty.

10.05 pm : DOW up 100 points and at 11234.56


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