Monday, October 18, 2010

Stock Watch

Banking : CIMB, Maybank and Public

CIMB : Tho I m TEH, and should be supporting my uncle Teh's bank, I prefer CIMB, technically.

Cimb-cj : I have cleared this CW for a loss when it drifting lower and reached my cut-loss point. So, at 0.150, its low today, it will rebound strongly when CIMB expected to rebound. So, I will cut-off Gamuda-cm(with a loss too) and jump into a new ship. Will it fly? Premium at 20%, but it is a new babe.

Rubber-stocks : TopGlove, Supermax and Kossan

TopGlove : Technically, according to my trainer, she is nicer than the other two. I agreed. Supported at 20-MA at the moment, moving up trend.

TopGlove-cc : Closed at 0.12, its low at 0.110. So, time to accumulate anticipating the rebound? Premium at 24%. Better look into other babies. cb or cd?

TopGlove-cb : At 0.165,, volume better than cc, also longer expiry period than cc and lower premium. So, I strucked off cc from my rubber-list and placed cb.

TopGlove-cd : This is a new CW. Premium at 25%, strike RM5.30, ratio 10. Expiry one year.

So, at the moment ... the nice one will be Tenaga, CIMB and TopGlove, technically speaking. If I have to choose one, I think CIMB will rebound first. The race is on ... we shall see.

HiapTeck : Formed a hammer, touched support at 1.22 to closed at 1.25. Stalk.

11.30 pm :DOW at 11, 100. UP UP ... 12,000 soon?


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