Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stock Watch

A123 : Breaking through USD9..75 level for me to grab more at USD9.80. Mind you, 9.80 is the magnitude of gravity acceleration that I used in my teaching when I teach 'Mechanics" in Further Mathematics. So, USD9.80 level is a buy. I have been holding this one for months now. This is still a buy-n-hold stocks for me, speculating on the green-cars which might be a hype-news next year. Could I be wrong? What if I m right? Analysts average target price is at USD13-14 level. So, I will be glad to sell at USD13 for 35% profits? No one could tell at this point of time - technically, it broke-out the ascending triangle!! At USD10 now.

CIMB : Nice volume seen today, and CIMB will be used to support KLCI, besides plantation-stocks.

Bursa : After a huge surge yesterday to resistance RM8.60, it is down today. It might be down for another few days before it tries to test RM8.60 level again. Once breaks RM8.60, we will see new high ... or is it? It will take some time for the ascending triangle to form. Do refer to AMMB.

AMMB : Breached RM6 today, and RM6 becoming the support. BUY near RM6.. This is for investor who know what FA + TA is.

p/s : I m looking into AMMB but I have CIMB and Bursa as financial stocks, so I dont think so I want to use my limited bullets for her.


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