Friday, October 01, 2010

RHB's top-picks

Copied from : RHB's forum

Tenaga TP- 10.80
Gamuda TP-4.51
MRCB - TP 2.49
Faber -TP- 3.82
HSL -TP - 1.95
Maybank -TP-10.50
CIMB- TP -9.60
IOI -TP-6.75
KLK- TP-22.05
Parkson - TP 7.72
Dialog - 1.30
Media -2.75
KPJ - 4.51
Carlsberg - 6.03
Mahsing 2.06

TP = target price(use as reference only as MOST of the time it is FAR OUT of those prices). Normally, the target price is for ONE YEAR. So, please understand that NO ONE could know what to expect next year, right? And normally, the target prices are calculated using FA, not TA. So, those TA-kaki, be open-minded and do not give negative comments about the target prices or be-littling those poor analysts who have to do so much of research to SATISFY their customers - you and me.


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