Thursday, October 07, 2010


My blog was 2 years old in 08.08.2010. On 12.10.10, the counter of my blog will be 2 years old and it is showing 236,000 ... that gives me an average of 330 clicks per day. My blog was unknown in the first 6 months. And in fact, looking back ... I enjoyed it more than I do today!! I m attracting TOO much of attention and kinda enjoying it! So, that defeat my purpose of my PERSONAL trading blog.

Slowly many in college and also chart-nexus members are clicking on my blog too. It was my MISTAKEs to 'expose' myself ... and I find it difficult to 'hide'.

WHO are you all reading my blog, anyway? IF I need to be rude or perhaps 'act' lan-si, will that work? I dont know how to reduce the numbers of my readers?

And when I write about KLSE, especially about warrants, I noticed that the number of clicks are very high - up to 700-900 per day. That is NOT a good sign, and again defeat the purpose of my blog. I m not encouraging anyone to be in market - and definitely not 'playing' with warrants? Recently, I received few e-mail asking about IJMLand-wa ... etc etc ... so, I noticed these UN-healthy activities. And concluded that I m atrracting wrong audience.

I want to share knowledge about investments and tradings with many. It is to reflect on my trades(real or otherwise) and to share with others my strategies. I will appreciate some constructive pointers .... but these days, I attracted more PUNTERS(asking like XYZ of some VERY speculative stocks) ... more STUPID IDIOTIC aunties/uncles and PURE speculators without ANY knowledge about what they are talking about. No point telling me Hwa Tai is a strong buy as a syndicate will goreng it tmr, ok?

So, I will pause from from writing about my trades except those mid-term trades or investing idea. I want to 'attract' more investors .. someone who read with appreciation of a good trade. Someone with KNOWLEDGE and some expriences(novices with intention to LEARN are welcomed) to share. Dont ask me why I said Sunrise is a BUY at 2.10 level now, ok? It is NOT a call ... dont buy and curse me when it fails to jump up 10% the next day or next week, ok? USE YOUR BRAIN. NO BRAIN, dont read my blog.

Well, I m trying to be ''nasty". Haha ... hope I could chase some of you away.

I want to remain independent on my writings. What I read, what I write and what I say has NOTHING to do with anyone. This blog is just a platform for me to speak to myself, besides my facebook.

Another thing is ... no need to refresh every 10-minutes. I will not write anything from 8 am to 12.00nn and 1pm to 2pm. I hope I could reduce the clicks to only 500 per day by next week. Otherwise, I will be NASTY again ... sigh.

Do not buy/sell what I m buying/selling. Is that CLEAR?

Have a nice life ahead, minus my blog to block your views.


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