Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Warrants

Gamuda-cm : Gamuda closed at 3.89, RSI at 60 level. Ganuda-cm at 0.195. At 0.190-0.195 is my accumulation level, but once Gamuda breaks support(s), I will have to cut-loss(will wound a finger this time! OUCH!). This is a new baby of Gamuda, with premium at 11% only. As RSI at 60 is deem HIGH(to me), I will be glad to clear if there is a jump!

Plus-cc : At 0.265. Plus is in news. Do read. Mommy closed at 4.46 on wed before trading halted on Thu and Fri. Wait for Monday. Nervous as I m still holding to this baby. Premium at a low 0f 2% only.

Tenaga-cp : Tenaga at RM8.95 now, RSI 54. I m collecting its this baby at 0.16-0.17 level. Premium at only 6%. More upside seen. I sms-ed a few friends(most of them are investors!) to buy into Tenaga at 8.80-8.85 level last week. By end of the month or mid of next month, we shall check it Tenaga has enough energy to move above 9.20-9.40 level, ok? IF technically asking me to SELL, I will clear without question asked.

AirAsia-ci : This new baby is doubling its born-price!! At 0.330, premium at 4%. IF you believe that AirAsia will fly higher, ride on. In fact, I might clear Gamuda-cm to ride on this flight ... wait for me!!

KFC-wb : At 1.27, this is a longer time frame for me to trade. I like the consolidating and accumulation seen at 1.20-1.25 level and making it a strong base. Of coz, if the base is broken, decision to cut-loss should be in mind. Traders of warrants should exercise cut-loss level strictly. But, I do not have a cut loss level for this one - in fact, my next buying level should be at 1.20. Plain stupid, I know. err ... I love fingers licking good stock.

I have cleared Cimb-cj and Supermax-ca for losses. CIMB-cj was a 'right' decision as mommy continues to correct. Now, CIMB at a nice level with RSI at 40 level.

As for Supermax, it registered a RED histogram yesterday(I sold it BEFORE it form a red histogram!! Same goes as I normally will buy into a stock before a green histogram registered! It is risky as the last-minute magic to plant a price is there!). Supermax-ca PLANTED at 0.115, but seeing the weaknesses in the buying-selling, I decided to cut-it off. We shall see if it shoots up or down next week!



Imoogi said...

Hello Teh, am not so sure why u so nervous with plus-cc. The buy out of plus is 4.60 and so plus-cc will be in the money at 0.275. Unless you bought plus-cc above 0.275 and you will be making a loss when plus are out of listing. If you purchase below 0.275 then you will get some money after minus out some expenses.

CP said...

Hi Imoogi

I wrote it here when I started to buy plus-cc, knowing about the news. I bought at 0.205-0.22 which I sold at 0.265 on wed. I bought another half on Tues from 0.225-0.245 and holding it.

I never bought a call-warrant which mommy taken-over or such. So, I m not sure how these call-warrants will be. Otherwise, I wont sell on at 0.265(but hey, 25% is a good profits for 2 days!).

Currently I only have 10k units of it = RM2300. So, means .... at 0.275, I will gain tmr? Or it will become worthless?

Never buy something we dont know!! Haha



Imoogi said...

Since your average cost of plus-cc is 0.23, you will gain. If the price drop tomorrow to 0.23 collect some more as you sure to get 0.275 less expenses when plus is taken out of the listing.