Saturday, October 16, 2010

My KLSE's babes

WTK : For short trade, collecting on Thu and Fri, and added at 1.22 before market closed. I will be glad to clear at 1.30 level for a 8-10% profits in a week? Cool ... I grabbed it immediate after I read Sal.D's writing about it as I know many will read his blog(for valuations on good stocks?) and buy into those stocks!! Hence, without doubt, I punted into it. It was at 1.14 and averaging up. I think my average at 1.18-1.19 now. Can 1.30 a realistic target next week? We shall watch too.

Sunrise : Waited at 2.10 but never materialised. So, I started to collect at 2.16 - 2.24. Buying spree on Wed and Thu. No one could tell if it will go higher or lower at this level. I m certain I cant. But, when we bought a stock, arent we EXPECT it to move higher? So, if the upside chances is greater, then I will buy. If the chances of rebound is much higher, I will increase my stake. Currently with only 3k units, I will increase it to 5-6k units if market sentiments continue to be good, with property-rally in play. Will the sun rises? We shall watch. Anything going below 2.10 will see me clearing for loss, and take defeat.

EAH : At 0.565, recently up to 0.58, moved from 0.550 level. Stochastic in oversold region, indicating rooms for upside are ample. I may added my positions at this level, and this is to buy-n-hold till it rebounds. Unless it goes below 0.550, I wont be buying. Unless it shot up 10% in two days, I wont sell. So, it is wait and see.


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