Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Call Warrants (update)

CIMB : At 8.29, reaching my 8.32 target soon. As RSI at 67, going into overbought level soon, count me OUT. Once target at 8.32 achieved, it will be a sell SOON for me. Surprisingly, its CIMB-ci which moving from 0.245 to 0.285, closed at 0.280 and in-the-money now. When I bought it at 0.26 level, premium was at 3%, if I m not mistaken. It shows that this baby is not really an obidient type who will follow his mommy closely!! Anyway, bullish-crossover seen with green histograms above zero level now. When to sell? HIGH at 0.295 ... so, I will be watching CIMB closely. Expiring in 2 months time. Watch.

Bursa : Closed at 8.59 now, testing the resistance 8.64 soon. Will it break away from the ascending triangle here? The Edge written about Bursa and Yusli in focus. Do read 'Wake-up call for Bursa' and watch what is the impact on Bursa's stock prices next week, ok? Bursa does not want to lag behind their neighbours but seriously, Indon and Thai(even Phillipines soon?) markets are doing better than ours(in many sense). SGX + ASX ... will that really attracts more foreign investors and spill over to our Bursa? Watch ... I do like such interesting developments in markets as I do track STI too. As for the Bursa-co I m still holding, it is still at 0.115, premium at 3.63%. It is expiring in 3 months time. HIGH RISK.

TanChong : At 5.66, needs to re-test 5.70 again and break this immediate resistance level, and move above 20-MA line(red). MACD, RSI and Stochastic positive. Good volume on Friday. RM6.00 is still the high level, a resistance and also my target. TChong-cd will be at 0.25 if TChong could move to RM6.00. It is in-the-money warrant now. Note that it is expiring in 3 months time. HIGH RISK.

Note : Only CIMB-ci giving me paper-profits while the other two still neutral.


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