Thursday, October 21, 2010

My KLSE's babes

EAH : Nice chart today. First green histogram, moved above its strong support of 0.550. I bought hugely at 0.550(accumulation level) as it is a strong support and stochastic showing oversold. These are TWO main technical criteria for me to buy hugely. Buy at support when it is oversold. With 1G and bullish crossover seen, what else a trader using TA needs? This could be my 4th time of gaining my 10%. In less than 2 months, I hv so far successfully gained 10% of it for 3 times. Could I be 4th time lucky? Let us HOPE ... using HA. The stage is set, so HOPE analysis is our last choice-la. RSI at 50 level.

HiapTeck : 1G seen yesterday, waited today for confirmation. I was discussing this one with HWChow of CN(a regular there) regarding the nice chart. It was at 1.25, oversold on Monday. Today I grabbed as it is confirmed. I grabbed at 1.30 before market closes as I need to be sure a white cnadle-stick is shown. Normally I m not so discipline to wait for confirmation or buying after 4.30pm to wait for the candle-stick to be formed. An increased in volumes also shown. See that it could breaks 20-MA to move to 1.38 level. At 1.55, it is STRONG resistance, so RM1.50 will be my reasonable target?

HuaYang : RSI at 46. It was at oversold region with green-histograms seen(accumulations) Today, it moved and I grabbed before market closing. Target at 1.23 is realistic? Then, I m glad that Dali wrote something positive about it. May be more buyers to come in tmr and see if shoots another 10%, I will clear it tmr, otherwise I will accumulate more of it.

SigGas : RSI at 60 level, I m into it as it might be forming an ascending triangle(i know it is not a perfect one) which a breakout at 0.93 will see new high level ... could it go beyond RM1 then? From Kinstel and TWSCorp which were trading at 0.90 levels, I chose her for the triangle pattern forming. So, wait and see if there is a break at 0.93? Fail to form that will see me out.

Sunrise : Still supported by 20-MA. Two red histogram with bearish crossover soon. Need to watch to clear if the trade fails. RSI at 55 is OK to hold. Target at 2.38.


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