Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My babes

SigGas : Cleared half at 0.92, keeping another half for new high. Technically, it could still has some upside room to move. wait.

Kinsteel : Learning to see a good trade to catch one before it moves is a challenge. When I bought into Kinstel, I wrote it clearly that because steel is rallying, and Kinstel still stuck in the range, supporting at 0.84-0.85. It is lagging .. so, it is good. Today, it breached 0.90 to closed at 0.92, touched 0.925. My queue to sell at 0.93 not done. WHY 0.93? As 0.93 is a resistance, selling half in case of failure to break resistance, it will retrace back again. But keeping another half to ride on its uptrend.

EAH : Closed at 0.550 ... alert. 0.550 is the support level now. Stochastic pointing downwards with series of red-histogram, which might go below zero-level. Another down will see the bearisj crossover in the MACD lines. As for me, I will start collecting again at 0.55 and below as planned. I m buying and holding till investors coming back to grab it .. when? I dont know and I dont expect anyone to know except those syndicates. Psstt ... u know any syndicates, do let me know la.

Supermax and JCY for short CT-long trade. Efficient holding for more than a month now and will continue to hold till it moves .. and it will?

11.15 pm : DOW up 140 points. MALAYSIA just scored against INDIA in mens hockey. WOW.

11.30 pm : INDIA equalised. A draw will be an acheivement.

11.36 pm : MALAYSIA scored the second goal to take the lead. 2 - 1.

11.38 pm : Equalised. 2 - 2


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