Sunday, October 10, 2010

My babes in KLSE

MMCCorp : To collect at RM2.95 for next level if it continues to correct. That is planned. Wait. RSI still high. So, the retracement is likely. I hv to clear MMC-ca and be patient to buy cheaper.

TWSCorp : At 0.89, I grabbed back. At 0.87 level is for collecting, I have sold her and waiting for retracement to support. See if my patience paid off and my theory on her is right. Clearing nearing to RM1.

EAH : At 0.55, RSI at 49. Hope it will be flat(consolidate) for a few more days for me to collect at 0.54-0.545. Stochastic going into oversold soon ... that is nice.

Stocks to stalk

Kinstel : At 0.89, I hv cleared half at 0.93 and all at 0.91. I might want it back at 0.87-0.88.

DRB : At 1.21, supported at 20-MA. RSI 53. So, collect at 1.18?

Sunrise :At 2.13, will like to grab at 2.10. RSI at 50, the decreases in volumes is good sign.

Boustead : Another uptrend counter which consolidate and about to move higher. RM5 will be a good entry point, in my opinion. RSI too high to enter now. So, wait.

Tenaga : Still not moving yet, RSI below 50. This is a blue-chip, with lots of energy. The level at the moment should be seen as a good entry point. RM8.80-8.90 level. For investors only.

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