Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning ... I am OK. I woke up 5.30am as usual today but didnt write here doesnt mean I m not ok-la. Thanks, CT for your concern. I received an e-mail from a reader just now wondering why no post this morning and wondering if I m OK.

Yes, I went to see doctor last night due to cough and flu. I m in medication, actually.

CIMB : At 8.19, nice ... I m looking to sell my CIMB-ci.

KFC : Nice ... at Rm3.50 now. Really finger licking good.

The 4-As : AirAsia, AnnJoo and Adventa in red but Alam trying to recover fast. I noticed that Sealink and Dialog also moving with Alam ... anyone sailing with vessels?

3.15 pm : I had a 'free' lunch treated by my future students - my young colleagues. I m making sure they understand some fundamentals behind a company and a market before coaching them a SIMPLE investing strategy. It is not free - they have to pay RM100/hr(otherwise, sorry bro .. nothing is free) initially on giving them resources and homeworks to be done. If I m NOT satisfy with my students progress, I might drop them totally. That will be the deal too.

LionInd : Coming down sharply today and RM2.00 done. I am waiting at RM1.95 and RM1.90 now. Welcome back, babe.

AMMB : Broken RM6.00 and continue to surge ahead. Nice.

10.50 pm : Played 185 average only today for 8 games. Too tired. I could used 'I m on medication', or 'I m too tired" etc etc as excuses but I wont. I played badly because I could not focus well.

Taken from my facebook

TEH : Supermax starts to drop from your Rm4.80 level. I dont hv a crystal ball when I asked u to take profits, ok?

SC : "Thanks alot TEH. HWGB gives me another round of kopi lui today. Just becareful when we are riding the bull, unexpected unforeseen circumstances will topple us.. honestly i'm not too optimistic of the General Election - klci may drop drastically. So my advice to myself is to dispose as much shares as i have right now. i'm still holding Mitra and E&O now. They are waiting to be awaken by Prince Charming. Oh yes, i buy Pratasco for long term play to accumulate prompt dividends (9%), its better for me to put in the bank. Pls let me know yr opinions abt my investment. tsk tsk tsk.. i'm just an ordinary auntie playing shares... huh huh huh.. You are so smart lah.. TEH, i really proud of you."

TEH : You are a punter. We are different. I have no comment. Good luck.

SC : investor, trader or punter - all about timing and knowledge. heh heh heh. sometimes i have none and i just depend on a little bit of luck. Cheers my good friend."

TEH : Wish you lots of LUCK again as you are using LA = Luck Analysis.

Dear readers, in a longer term, I m very concern about this good old friend of mine. She is playing with KBunai, HWGB and such ... so, I m worry(not envy of her profits?). What should I do besides telling her I have NO COMMENT on any of her trades?

Can anyone you have been market LOOOONG enough and loooosing money(sorry, as I know MOST of us DO NOT want to expose our losses!!) give her some advices on HOW you have PUNT in-out like her years ago, and then stucked with MANY stocks which de-listed or wont recover? KNM and Saag comes to mind? Anyone bought KNM above RM1 and stucked till today? How about Kenmark? LCL? There are so many stocks which dive till no light at the end of the tunnel.

I dont know what to say ... I am NOT smart, I m trying not to be the losing 80-90% losing in stock-markets. SC, if you are profitting now, good ... we are talking about sustaining your profits in loooong term. Luck today, lucky this year ... errmm ... may not be always lucky.

Sigh ... I have promised myself not to reply to you. I m just sharing here of my concern about your ways of punting. It is not called RISKY, it is called senseless gambling. Since when gamblers win and becoming rich? Once a gambler, you win huge now ... you will give it back, perhaps in double. You may also ask KK(my best friend, you friend too?) why he is working in the bank- trading markets for YEARS years ago, but NEVER want to do anything about stock-market anymore!! The question : Can you last longer enough? Please think about it, and may be you might want to LEARN a bit about FA. This thing first, I need to wash your brain totally clean from GAMBLING spirit!!


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