Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday ... it is Monday blues to me as Liverpool lost and The Blue won. Hope market could give me something to cheer about.

Hubline : At 0.165, RSI at 41 level. Someone asked about Hubline recently, so I placed it here as I have no time to analyse it. What I could see from the chart is that it is drifting lower. That is not a goood sign as it is going to its historical low now. Normally I will cut it off if I have bought at higher level. It is pain once and for all rather than slow-pain. Chop off your hand or let it rot? It is not a choice ... certainly will be painful. Sorry.

S.H.E - HOW?

Rubber : A good front page article written in Star-biz today.

Supermax : Watching at 4.20 level to clear, Smx-cc at 0.135 to take profits.

9.15 am : Supermax-ca cleared some at 0.135. Waiting to sell more at 0.140, 0.145 and 0.150. If At 0.150 done today, I m out.

Supermax : At 4.20 now, my target. Bought at 3.75, at 4.20 is my 10% target achieved. But with only 1k units of it, I can afford to hold on. If I have bought a large position, I will trim.
No need to get greedy and the fear is what I need to buy.

9.20 am : Supermax-ca cleared at 0.140 and 0.145 done. Wow!! Only left a little at 0.150, so I m grabbing it back when it retraces LATER. Otherwise, say bye-bye. Supermax mommy is still strong, breaching RM4.20 easily today. Watch.

JCY : Touched 0.95 .. come to me, baby.

Gamuda-cm : In red ... good. Stalk, queue and grab. Bought at 0.210 so far. Gamuda testing RM4.

Note : I m clearing UEM-cc for Gamuda-cm. Also, I m clearing Smx-ca, might add CIMB-cj later.

Kinstel : At 0.880, watch.

Supermax-ca : Why sell? As it shot up too fast, as I m holding so large a position for a CW and I m not comfortable with the greed. Sell when you are greedier. Buy when you are in fear. That is my policy. Also, I m a trader, I m buying back at 0.130-0.120 now. A double-check, I noticed that my queue to sell at 0.145 NOT done. Hmm ... I thought I was one of the early bird to queue to sell this morning?

Supermax-ca : Grabbed back at 0.135 as the momentum is still there. Be ready ...

IJMLand-wa : It is moving today again ... I hv cleared it for small profits. Hmm ... when I bought at RM1, the volume was very low, aiming at Rm1.11 for my 10% profits but I was holding to it for weeks. Today it is at 1.11 now. Hmm ...

Sunway : Moving moving moving ... higher.

GenS-c8 : Only a small position in this one, so I m clearing it off at 0.310 for a small profit. Too many to monitor.

10.55 am : KLCI up 7 points.

Kinstel : Moving to 0.90 now, breaking from the BB? Watch.

GenS-c8: Cleared ALL at 0.310 for small profits.

GenM-cl : Moved back at 0.180 moment ago. Chasing a moving wagon ... wait for me!!

11.10 am : Added CIMB-cj at 0.170.

12.10 pm : Gamuda touched 3.92, at 3.94 now. IN RED. So, I will collect Gamuda-cm. Done at 0.21 so far, wait.

1.50 pm : I repeat - I m looking into Supermax-ca NOT cc but I wrote cc as I have eyes on UEM-cc and TopGlove-cc. All these ca & cc could be mixed up. DO NOT buy these as none of my trades above are real. It is for pleasure writing-reading only. It is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY ... like that movie, actually.

7.50 pm : I was busy with classes. WHAT? KLCI down 4 points? Hmm ...

Gamuda going below 3.90, closed at 3.89 but my Gamuda-cm not done at 0.205. So, only grabed some at 0.210.

Cleared : UEMLand-cc and GenS-c8. In fact, GenS-c8 went to 0.33(I sold 0.31) before closing at 0.295.

Grabbed : Gamuda-cm at 0.205 and top-up CIMB-cj at 0.170.

Supermax-ca : Sold huge portions at 0.135 and 0.140. But grabbed back at 0.135 and 0.130 done. As stock has moved from 0.100 to current 0.130, that is 30% up in 2 days, I have reduced my positions while still riding on it. The risk is higher ... Can Supermax move above 4.20 or will the reversal fails again, for the fourth time?

Lions : Moved today.

KNM : Back to 0.50 level, impressive.

EAH : Terrible ... at 0.560 now, waiting at 0.550.

More CWs : OSK going to offer another 6 call warrants!! Wow ... that show MANY are bullish now. More reason to collect and SELL.

9.30 pm : Someone planted a SELL of DiGi VERY low at the last minutes of trading to PULL KLCI down. Market is efficient? Hmm ... These cannot be seen in a daily candle-stick, ok? So, TA charts could not be accurate. Be aware of such manipulations which are rampant in KLSE's ponds ... full with buaya-darat.

10.30 pm : CWG - Malaysia vs Seychelles in badminton? What a bully!!

DOW is flat. I m looking into my CW's stalk list and Tenaga-cp is attractive as Tenaga has NOT move but shown first green histogram. Trading at support, 1G with RSI at 45 level, very attractive. So tmr ... Tenaga-cp queue at 0.160.



alex said...

hi Teh, haha i will surely buy you a latte when I come to KL. I am from JB

By the way, what call warrants do you reckon is safe to buy for ijm land?

Anonymous said...

Bro can you help me out here to understand something.

"Supermax-cc : Grabbed back at 0.135 as the momentum is still there. Be ready ..."

Now it is only stuck at 0.125 level (10.36am) and have a high of 0.130. How you got at 0.135? Are you talking Supermx-CA?

CP said...

Thanks Alex. Will put that note. Make sure u come to KL and call me up, ok?

Yes, I m talking about Supermax-ca. I have mentioned it that I m 'confused'. Supermax-cc is NOT in my CW list.


takeiteasy said...

Aiyah Teh,

Don't be shy lah.... you make money, all of us also happy mah, no need so 'hak hei' or "pai seh" ...

one suggestions ok,.. don't be angry ha... your blog can include some beautiful (bond) girls pinup like DALI's.... like you say "FOR OUR EYES ONLY"