Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday again ... still bullish?

Waiting for the end by Linkin Park.

KFC-wb : At 1.42, top-up at 1.40, in queue. Clearing my 1.30 portion at 1.50 while riding up.

Plus-cc : Grabbed some at market price 0.220, waiting at 0.21-0.215. PUNT.

Plus-cc : Done at 0.215 and 0.210.

Plus-cc : DOne much more at 0.205, waiting at 0.200 as last buying.

KFC-wb and TWSCorp up. Correct theories in my PA? Bingo.

WCT-wb : While I was glad for a 5% one day trade to clear at 0.59, today it is at 0.67. Bravo. Dont worry, u wont see me bang my head or whatever. Hehe

10.30 am : KLCI at 1486, and should reach 1500?

TWScorp : At 0.93, I m looking at 0.98 to clear for 10% profits. Wait.

UEM-cc : Cleared for small profits at 0.34-0.345. It is overbought, so I dont like those in overbought region.I hv moved this one into Plus-cc. PLUS should give me the plus points, as the name suggested.

Tenaga : Back to 8.80 level, second chance to grab it. Nice.

Ivory : Excuse me ... I missed out on her last week. I was stalking her and lost track!! Bye, babe.

TWSCorp : Grabbed more at 0.92 done.

1.50 pm : Supermax moves ... and I grabbed some Supermax-ca back at 0.125, queueing at 0.120. This is for short punt, as I m moving out of MMC-ca and UEM-cc.

I will survive ...

Taking a break

This blog will take a break for a while as I need to 'free' my mind from the congestions of info. At this point of time, NO ONE have sent me a dougnut and coffee. Everyone wants things to be free. So, I need to clear my emotion and such ... and to get back into my MAIN objectives of writing this blog.

I will like to thank those being supportive(please send me my coffee and doughnut, no point just saying blah blah) and to hell those reading these line with negative vibes.

I need a break. Bye.



Edric said...

Well, would like to let you know that a lot of people write rubbish on their blogs which i dont bother to read.

However, I enjoy reading your blog as what you write is very similar to my picks. I think you have done a pretty good job and I really wont mind buying you coffee and doughnut if you have the time.

Anyway Teh, life is such you cannot please everybody. I think you should carry on to write.

If you have the time, please contact me.

Best regards,


CP said...

Hi E Han

Thanks. I m glad someone willing to offer me my doughnut and coffee. Hehe.

Yeah, I need a break for personal reasons which nothing to do with stocks and definitely not from readers. Most of the readers have been very accommodative and nice.

I will be back soon ...