Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KLCI closed at 1497, we are seeing 1500 soon. BULLISH.

Now, if you have attended the 'free' market talk giving us a NEGATIVE sentiment in AUG, asking us to SELL all your holdings by mid-Sept as the sifu could see(or feel) that the double-dip is here, you might be IN FEAR and sell it off the next day. A quick check on my holdings I bought in AUG and unfortunately sold in SEPT(thanks sifu for your insight as you said you have 'saved' many with your SELL call before 2008 collapse) ... many gained 20-30% from the AUG entry points.

This is not the first time I listened to these gurus which gave a total incorrect direction of markets. It is you and me to understand. If we take their advices, we should take full responsibilities. If I write here I m buying into Sunrise today, and if you buy it too ... you need to know why you are buying into Sunrise, right?

I do not side anyone nor I want to insult anyone. I have no intention to say FA vs TA issue. I do not think so this broker house reports is better than other. I m independent, I m more interested to see what I could profit from my own systems - I dont care if it is FA, TA or PA. I dont care if I read from biz-star, a blog or forum. I dont care what others say when I punted into CWs. We all have our own ways of trading/punting. I will stop myself to care if someone I knew going to buy Sinotop, Saag or Sexy-babe. I dont want to care ...

Tireness : I m emotionally tired not due to trading. Two personal reasons - my dad-in-law hospitalised yesterday, and over here, I need to bring my wife to hospital tmr morning. We were talking about a doctor to ask about second opinion and she mentioned Dr Julian Lim which get me upset. Yes, when we are emotionally disturbed, we should not trade as we could not be rationale.

Thanks for those concerns. I should be very glad as most of my stocks moving today. I should be glad to sell some of my Plus-cc at 0.265(bought 0.205-0.22 levels) for profits. But, I m not. I do not want to mention about Dr Julian Lim, who betrayed me and giving me losing trust in coaching ANYONE about trading and investments. He owed me RM8k+ and hours of 'free' coaching him. But most of all, he owes me an APOLOGY.

I m anxious ... and it is natural.

I bought Sunrise today, and I was looking at her yesterday. It moved today, going to 2.40 level, my target.

Other than that, I did not trade today.

2. Speculating

If the price of a stock you own drops by 50% tomorrow, do you like the stock more? If not, you are speculating. For example, if Philip Morris (NYSE: PM) drops by half tomorrow, Godsend! It's a financially sound business, recurring revenues, and a strong brand. I would love to be able to buy shares at $25 compared to the $50 per share you can get them for today.

TEH : This is taken from BullBear's blog - IF you bought into Supermax at RM5, you and only you know WHY you are buying at that level. Normally, when we BULL a stock, we do EXPECT(or hope or pray?) it to move up. Many will buy at random. If it goes against us, for traders with stop-loss, we would hv cut loss without any much emotion. Afterall, TA is not 100%(a rate of 70-80% is very good) but if a random person buying it at random level, be prepared for the worst. If market collapse tomorrow, be prepared to buy HUGELY into it. IF Supermax drops 50% tmr(it wont), arent you HAPPY to grab at RM2.50? :)



Imoogi said...

As I said before, if those "gurus" can predict the market so well, they wont be telling it to you all...they will be hiding it from you and making millions with their right prediction. They wont be busy spending time conducting preview and seminar.

Nevertheless, the bull is here since klci broke 1350. Intel results shows pc sales is still morgan result is also dow will have a good run tonight. So how to get double dip...definitely not this year.
Tomorrow bursa will have another good run.

CP said...

hi ... i hv always been open-mind when I go to such talks - if charts could not really tell us how far this rally could go.

I m invited to attend his 'free' talk again next month. If it is you, will u go? I lost truust in him, so if I m to go, I will be biased. I m quite sure I will go against his views!!