Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunway : When I shared with those aunties/uncles in CN meeting for the first time(and will be my last?!) to BUY Sunway at 1.70 level 2 months ago, I do mean for aunties/uncles there who DO NOT know charts or whatever, I mean 'good'. I dont know how they see me - they dont know me, which is good too. I doubt anyone bought into it at 1.70 level as I saw so many skeptical-faces and expressions. And they continue to be busy 'chasing' other stocks using TA. I doubt many understand TA there. So, I was trying to 'help'. Hey aunties/uncles ... spend your time with your grandkids or do some gardening. Stock-markets are not for retirees or TA not for everyone. Buy good stock at good level, ride on it and SELL. Yes, I m seeing Sunway as a SELL at 2.05 level now. It is overbought. Period.

You may want to sell Sunway and move into Sunrise.

Tell me, what do I get sharing with you all in CN's my ideas? Most of them DO NOT know much about fundamentals - they dont read finance or economics yet they are in market, BELIEVING technical analysis will gain them MONEY MONEY MONEY. That is called ignorants in greed.

Yes, I m serious - you buy me doughnuts and coffee(D&C), I might share with you some 'tips'. These are for aunties/uncles in CN. I know many reading these lines. TA only work for those who know how to apply those indicators. If my Math-brain failed, I bellieve many of you aunties/uncles will fail too.

Supermax vs KheeSan II

This is for my good old friend, SC. I will have a gathering with them(ex-classmates) next month!! I m excited but I hope you wont tell anyone about my blog. Deal?

You bought Supermax at RM5, stating that our friend working with Stanley claimed that it is a good buy. We called this 'insider tips'. If the stock shoots higher, you will say our friend is the best-of-friend giving us a good tips. You bought Supermax when I was selling my TopGlove for a loss(a loss of about RM700, I think). Then, Supermax moved BELOW RM4. You mentioned to me at my facebook that you are kek-sim. It shown to me you are just a typical aunties/uncles whom I listened to(many of them, dont worry, you are not alone).

So, when you mentioned you want to buy KheeSan, I dedicated a page for you!! You may see it negatively(an insult to your punting/trading skills, if any) or you may take my advice. Thanks for trusting me more that the person who asked you to buy KheeSan at 0.50. It is still at 0.50(I checked). I asked you to average down at RM4.00 as you told me you like Supermax(I believe you know nothing much about fundamentals either) ... and you wont mind holding. Keeping that in mind, I hv no worry to ask you to grab at RM4.

Alas, as the story goes ... it went below RM3.80 which making me so greedy to even traded into it. I cleared for short trade at 4.20(today at 4.50, ok?). I have asked you to keep in open-mind ... and continue to BUY it at RM3.50 or RM3 etc etc. That is a much better way of averaging down, rather than buying KheeSan. Kheesan gives us free sweets? Hmmm ...

Dollar-averaging ...SUpermax at RM4.50, you should be gaining NOW. No more kek-sim, right? But buying KheeSan, not only kek-sim, you might be taking a sour-plum in your mouth now!!

I have many asking me these or those ... I ignored them. But, you are my friend. I do help friends, ok? I asked my friend to BUY SPSetia last year when so many broker houses said SELL. Want a better returns? SL, my friend bought SPSetia-wb at 0.42 ... I dont know if she has sold it off? It is at 0.665(I checked).

My point : Learn about trading or investment BEFORE you are in market. Read my today's post. Buy me D&C and I shall share a little with u.

p/s : SL treated me a nice dinner at The Dome, KLCC. Hehe.

Invest in ourselves

Before we want to be in market(s), we should invest in ourselves. Invest some money to buy good investment books, invest our time in reading about investments and invest our efforts consistently in our investment goals. Learning about investments could help us to realise our financial goals in future. Look future ... invest in ourselves.

I will be giving a 'free' talk to few of my 'young' colleague-friends regarding investment vehicles available in Malaysia. Should we put our money in banks(FD), trust the unit trust(UT), bonds(gov) or learn to invest ourselves?

In my short talk, I will speak about RISK appetite as NO investment is risk free. It is only risky if we do not know how to drive these vehicles. Teaching or coaching a person to drive a certain vehicle certainly needs TIME and EFFORT.

The only persons I want to teach about investments well are my two kids - 4.5 year old boy and 2.5 year-old girl. My son has been curiously looking into my charts. I explained to him a simple roller-coaster basic. UP and DOWN. We could only ride the roller-coaster when it comes DOWN .... then we will find it exciting when it moves up but in fear when it moves down again. Slowly I will create a system in him ... to learn about investments!!

For those novices in markets(like me), do continue to LEARN. Forget about profit first. Market will always be there ... plan out your TIME as there are certainly plenty of things to learn and digest. IF you are losing money in market, you could get very emotional and lose your way. Learn to control THAT emotional.

Good luck in your trading and investment.

That is all for today.


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