Monday, October 18, 2010

I m wearing BLUE today, it is a Monday blue as the REDS lost to the blues ... so, that's it. I have to discipline myself not to watcch Liverpool's game anymore for this season. It is sold to another American. It will be interesting if the Singaporean managed to BUY it. It is the worst start I have never seen.

Registering to listen to Dr Marc talk next month. Will it be gloom, boom or doom next year, doc?

8.50 am : Each time I pay toll next time, I might be more willing. Err ... no toll hike for 5 years, ok? EPF is our money too, you know. But I seldom use PLUS highway!! Too bad ... will they take Litrak private too?

Plus-cc : I m confused. If PLUS valued at 4.60, why would anyone selling and making it lower to 4.42 now? Hmm ... to liquidate their funds? Or contra players have to sell? I dont think so my 0.27 queue will be done, it is at 0.24 now.

BJToto vs Genting

My babes : WTK, Sunrise and EAH

WTK is for short run, Sunrise is to keep for a little longer till 10% target met, trailing stop-loss with averaging-up strategies while EAH is wait-hold-watch ...

9.15 am : KLCI up 3 points. Back to my work.

10.45 am : KLCI down 6 points. REDS ...

Plus-cc : WHY would anyone selling at 0.23-0.235? It is back to 0.245 now.

Muhibah : At RM1.00, refuses to retrace further. It jumped to RM1 recently.

WTK : Collecting more of it below 1.20, done at 1.19

Sunrise : Waiting at 2.18 or below.

Kencana-cd : Down, at 0.20 now. I m greedy but too exposed to CWs. So, I wont touch yet. Tenaga-cp and Gamuda-cm in red. I might need to cut of Gamuda-cm??

E&O : Welcoming my E-babe. I hv cleared my Efficient, only left with EAH. So, adding E&O at 1.13. Support at 1.11.

2.45 pm : KLCI in red ... teach me. PLUS offered 4.60, why so many selling it at 4.40?? IF an investor bought it HUGELY at 4.40 now, waiting for 4.60??? Yes or No?

4.15 pm : KLCI losing 10 points. At 1479 now, testing support at 1478. Since we are still BULLISH, time to BUY more?

Added : WTK, E&O and SigGas today.

Steel : There is a party going on now. It is steel time, ok?

Plus : I could not understand the trades today. It is at 4.35 now. Should I grab more?

Plus-cc : I grabbed more at 0.235-0.245. I dont know if that is wise. It doesnt make sense to me., That is market.

KaramBunai : The best performance stock in KLSE. Too bad, I didnt punt into it.

Kinstel : Breakout AFTER I sold it. Hmm ...

E&O : Bought 1.13, cleared 1.13. Too many to handle - moved into SigGas, instead.

EAH : Drifting lower again ... touched 0.550.

5.10 pm : KLCI lost 9.16 points ... tell me. WHY 916??

Gamuda-cm : Failed to clear ... moving lower.

Sunrise : At 2.23, still OK.

WTK : At 1..20, added at 1.18 and 1.19 done today.

7.00 pm : CN's meeting

I dont understand why I m so hard-working. I worked in the morning, then tuition just now. Now, I m here for my market talk. I dont know what is driving me ... ?

What I do know is to learn as much as possible. I m currently learning TA = technical analysis, in proper way. I m struggling at the moment. But, I dont think so I will ever give-up?

So, I m here for the meeting - while more interested with my own trades rather than what is being discussed here in CN's meeting.

Tenaga : Nice ... coming back to 8.80 for the third time, it is testing the support at 8.80. I thought I wont see her at this level anymore after it moved above 8.90. So, a chance to grab her again. I will discuss with my 'bosses' to change their BJToto with Tenaga soon. Hope they could understand. BJToto gave 8 cents dividend and back to my purchase price of 4.20. Tenaga could give me more energy ... personally, I m collecting Tenaga-cp at 0.16-0.17.



Imoogi said...

Yes, sometime it is hard to understand why market behave such a way. But there are 1001 reasons for selling or buying the stock. Why people selling plus....sell on news, sell on weakness, sell first and decide later. Basically some previous buyer of plus are short term traders...they just pocket the profit now instead of waiting for the deal to be finalise...remember that they will get 4.60 only when the deal goes through. See what happen to hlbank/ long as some smart person dont like the deal, they will go to court and this will drag further. If they like the deal, e.g Astro, Measat or Tanjong, everything is done within 3 mths. So for plus, there's still a risk but i believe it is a done deal.

CP said...

Hi Imoogi

Yes, I do think alike - it is adone deal. Many are short-term investors cashing out for profits. 4.40 to 4.60 is not much, I know. But, can I YELL at those placing their money in FD to BUY PLUS at this moment and wait for the 4.60 deal? Certainly better than the FD rate in less than a year?

Just a theory - so, I will hold to my plus-cc till investors moving in and move it to nearing 4.60, which my plus-cc will be at 0.27. I bought more yesterday!! It doesnt make sense!